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Saturday, 30 April 2016

When You Feel Something Is Missing.

What is it?

What's missing from your life?

You have no idea, there is not an answer in sight. Is it your work life, your love life or your family? Maybe you need hobbies or go out and travel the world...... see all there is to see.

Maybe you are missing someone, maybe you are missing the deceased. Maybe you are missing someone alive and who they used to be.

Maybe that someone is close to you, someone that has completely changed.

Maybe that someone though....

Is you.

What do you do, when you feel something is missing?

How Could You Explain it?

You have a physical pain in your chest, you just want to be held.

You have physical pain in your heart, you just want to be loved. 
You have physical pain from emotional turmoil and how could you explain it?

How could you explain the things you feel, that just don't make any sense.
How could you explain, what you don't understand.

How does something so small as a yearning for compassion, a yearning for love, a yearning to be held....hurt so much, so bad..... for so long?

How Could You Explain it?

Monday, 11 April 2016

People Forget

People forget, Not every accused man is guilty, not even accusing woman is innocent. Not every accused man is innocent and not even accusing woman is guilty.

People forget, Men aren't the only ones that can be evil, be vindictive, lie through their fucking teeth. Not only men scheme and destroy lives. People forget women can do that shit too.

People forget, a group of lying women can destroy an innocent man. Also a group of innocent women can be destroyed by a guilty man.

People forget, "innocent until proven guilty" instead people say "i heard you're guilty so you must be guilty! theres no doubt youre guilty!"

Its an awful double standard. People question a man more than they question a woman, even if theres a higher chance the woman is lying.

I've always been upset about double standards against women but Im now more upset about double standards against men. Men deserve a word in.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Thirst Traps & Click-bait.

I thirst trap more than I click-bait. I mean a lot of people click-bait stuff that isn't even in the video or they take it
out of context in order to click-bait. I thirst trap by using Pewds advice "boobs in the thumbnail" It's kinda click-bait
but they will be in the video so it's not like a trick. I have obv. tho done some click-bait titles but not the usual
"BEST GAME EVER!" or "CRAZIEST NEWS STORY EVER READ!" but I would include as much hot topics and things that people
want to see, especially mentions of sexual content, people eat it up because as you know, sex sells. Speaking of that
I can admit I thirst trap so hard on my channel, I do use my gender and my looks for views. I don't feel I have any real
talents or skills, I'm also not funny or outgoing so I guess it helps to be a "pretty face" oddly enough though I am
pretty hard on myself and how I feel I look, I though feel I look good enough to show off for my channel.
Though, I am not like those other female Youtubers who click-bait and thirst trap at the same time for all their videos.
Like if they have click-bait title "STORY TIME, I FUCKED MY BEST FRIEND!" and their thumbnail is a photo of them and their best friend in a very sexually driven photo. I don't care if people do that for their channel, if it works
it works but for me I have a little moral I still hold onto and I wish I didn't because I want to get popular and make that money, even if it's scandalous, I mean I don't think Kim K is upset how she got famous, shes just happy shes famous.