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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tumblr Tips

The site changes format ALL THE TIME WITH NO WARNING, BE READY. 

There’s a new meme every week and you’re just gunna have to get used to seeing it everywhere for a while. 

You are going to care more about social justice, feminism, different sexualities and the safety of bees that you ever have in your life. 

 It doesn’t matter who you follow, PORN WILL FIND YOU. 

 If you get a random person politely telling you to test out their game or visit their page at all, DELETE IT AND WALK AWAY. 

 We all make fun of Superwholock fans’ inability to take a joke. 

 No matter who you are or what you do, someone is going to find you or someone you know problematic (and I mean EVERYONE) don’t sweat it when it happens. 

 Tumblr. LOVES. HALLOWEEN. Don’t question it. Just accept the memes because they WILL NOT go away. 

Don’t blog in public . The longer you are there the more likely you are going to become a shitposter.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hello Parody. Idk don't ask lol.

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if you go to the liquor store for me, I won’t make it you see for I have high stacks of paper piling up at my fucking feet. Hello from my employment spot, I just really need to do some shots and I’m so sorry for making you go but we can get smashed afterwards....if you want. 

Hello, can you hear me? I want a bottle of good vodka wait....please make it 3. I know it’s Monday but you see, I can’t go on this sober for the rest of this hectic week. 

Hello from the bathroom stall. I’m trying to hide from my boss, he wants me to stay late but I want to go please come get me, after you get the booze.

Interesting Facts

Outer space is only an hour drive away if you drove straight up.

Bathtubs are opposite boats.

A million seconds is 11 days and a billion seconds is 31 years.

In 100 years from now Facebook will be full of dead people.

There's no reason for the alphabet to be in that order.

There are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells.

We judge ourselves by our intentions and we judge others by their behaviour.

You have never seen your face, only in reflections and pictures.

All planets in the solar system fit between the earth and the moon, the sun does not.

Russia's area is bigger than pluto's.

If you looked at the earth 65 million light years away, you would see dinosaurs.

Mammoths still walked the earth while the Great Pyramids were being built.

You see people every day that you will never see again.

You're not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.

Every single choice you have ever made in your life, has brought you to this exact moment.

Protecting Eachother

Boys, protect girls. Call people out when they make offensive jokes. Stand up to those who treat girls like objects. Walk a girl home if she feels unsafe. Listen to them and be considerate of their feelings. Destroy that myth that women are inferior. 

Girls, protect boys. Call people out when they make fun of a boy for showing emotion. Stand up to those who tell boys to ‘man up.’ Support boys who enjoy feminine things. Destroy the myth that men can’t be victims and that women can’t be predators. 

Boys, protect boys. Protect your bros from violent relationships. Comfort your bros when they need somebody. Stand up for your bros who are ridiculed for not wanting/liking sex. Destroy the myth that two men can’t be close without it being “gay.” 

Girls, protect girls. Defend sisters who enjoy having sex. Stand up to those who define sisters for what they wear. Don’t judge your sister’s worth from how many boyfriend’s she’s had. Destroy the myth that girls have to constantly compete with each other.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Home Movie Jacksepticeye x Reader SFW Imagine.


You look up at your old tree house. It’s been almost a year since you’ve been up there. Last time you were up in the tree house on good terms, you were with Jack.

No one ever made you as happy as he did; you missed him with all you had. Every time you looked up at the empty house in the sky, a pit was felt in your stomach. You just wanted him to come home.

Nothing was the same since; you couldn’t enjoy all the things you used to. You just were dying for his return. It kept you up at night and kept you at bay from your social life and hobbies. Nothing was as appealing, without him beside you.

Next morning, you pull yourself lazily out of bed. Another day, another downer. You just prayed at 11:11 for the exact same thing every day.....him. Come back to me Jack, please come home.

For some odd reason, an odd feeling ran through your veins. Nothing you had ever felt before and you had to figure out what it was. You had rushed out the door and down the front steps. You stopped just under the tree house, looking up you watched the leaves sway in the wind.

Something deep down told you.... Go up! Go up the tree house! Now! Do it! So with no hesitation you followed the voice inside you and climbed up the ladder. You reached the top and was sad to find Jack was not there.... of course he wasn’t, why would he be?! You shake your head feeling stupid.

You sit on the floor, against the wall. Here is where you two spent most of your time; you never wanted the time to end. You looked around and took a deep breath, exhaling. You stumbled across a box that you had never seen before; it wasn’t up here the last time.

You shuffle to the box and look in, to find some random items in it that didn’t seem of much value. You were about to brush it off but your eye was caught by a video tape that you were now curious about.
“What’s this?” You ask aloud. You pull it out from its sleeve, a label on it read your name and you raised a brow. Why is my name on it? Who put this here? What’s on it?

You snap out of it and realize all your answers can be answered. You climb quickly back down the ladder and into the house. You rushed passed your mother as she was prepping breakfast. She took a pause, worried about you as you ran upstairs.

“You okay kiddo?!” She calls up to you.

“I’m fine mom!” You reply back, closing your bedroom door behind you.  She rolls her eyes at you going back to her cooking. What more could youngins be up to?

You put the video tape in the VCR and turn the TV on. You take a seat in your chair and pull it up close. A video begins to play, with a soft tune in the background. “To Y/N” was written on the screen in beautiful calligraphy. Your interest was peaked and your heart began to race, you were both nervous but excited at the same time.

There before you.... he was. It then hit you Jack made you a home movie, you couldn’t breathe and your chest was feeling tight. Tears welled up in your eyes right away; you couldn’t control your emotions.

“Uh..... hey.” Jack spoke nervously, shyly looking at the camera. “It’s me.” He chuckled, “Well I’m sure you knew that.”

He made eye contact with you that could pierce through the heavens. You hold your face, turning pink.

“I hope you get to see this video. I’m not sure if you will want to go back up in the tree house, I know that’s our spot but if you do happen to one day wake up and run out and up to the tree house. I will want to thank you now.”

This obviously meant something this morning. I have never wanted so bad to go up in the tree house, especially since it was now empty. This just explains it.... Jack wanted me to go up there and when he communicated that to me.... I listened. I’m so glad I did.

               “I want to tell you how much I love you. I never got the chance to tell you in person before I left. I wish I could be there to show you how much you mean to me. I would give my life for you, I would do it all. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with anybody as much as I am with you. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by, when I’m just dying to come back. I need to see you again before it strikes me dead. I don’t know if you even feel the same about me, I just know I couldn’t keep it in any longer. If you don’t feel the same way, I understand. If it’s the case I need to say sorry now, I don’t mean to make things awkward for you.”
               He takes a pause and sighs deeply. He looks back up at the camera, the sun captures his baby blue eyes and they glisten, they are so dreamy. Even when he’s nervous and when his voice shakes, he knows exactly how to act and exactly what to say.

               “If you do feel the same, I am more than thrilled to hear it,” his face lights up with a smile ear to ear. “I can’t wait to reunite with you again; I want to make it right because I know I could be running out of time. Before I go I want you to do me a favour.....”

“Wait for me.”

               He looks at the camera, with his cute puppy dog eyes. He smiles nervously but with so much love and compassion.

               “Please...wait for me. I’m coming.”

Monday, 8 February 2016

Scary Story Jack Told haha too cute.

I've been lying down for hours now. It's 5:35AM and there's not much I can do. You know what the worst part about my situation is? I'm in the same room with my parents. They keep looking at me, and I can't help but look back and try not to cry or scream. Their eyes are focused on me and their mouths are wide open. 

There's the strong scent of blood and I feel so paralyzed with fear. Here's the thing. The second I make any hint that I'm not asleep anymore, I'm completely fucked. I will die and there's nobody around to save me. I've been trying to think of a way out but the only idea I have is to rush for the door and run outside to scream for help, hoping any neighbors hear me. It's risky, but if I stay here, I'll surely die. 

He's waiting for me to wake up and see his "masterpiece". You're probably wondering what's going on. I do get ahead of myself sometimes. About three hours ago, I heard screaming from the other side of the house. I got up and went to check on the noise before realizing I had to use the bathroom. Instead of doing the smart thing and investigating, I used the bathroom first. I could've gotten myself killed right then from my stupid actions. But I actually did my business and took a peek outside the bathroom door. 

There was blood on the carpet. I got very worried and ran back to my room, hiding under the sheets like the pussy I was. I tried to convince myself to go back to sleep, that it was just some really vivid dream or something like that. But I heard my bedroom door open. Like the terrified child I was, I peeked from under my blankets to see what was going on. 

I could see something dragging my dead parents into the room. It wasn't human, I can tell you that. It was hairless, with no eyes and no clothing. It walked like a caveman, with its back slouched as it dragged my parents. But this thing was much smarter than any caveman. It was aware of what it was doing. It propped my dad up on the edge of my bed, and made him face me. It then sat my mother down in the chair and positioned her towards me as well. It started rubbing its hands upon the walls, staining them with blood and then drew a circle with the devil's pentagram in it. 

This thing had made what it would probably call a "masterpiece". To finish it off, it scribbled a message onto the wall that I could not read in the darkness. It then positioned itself under my bed, waiting to strike. The scariest thing is now, my eyes have adjusted to the darkness and I can actually read the message on the wall. I don't want to look at it, because it's terrifying to think about. But I feel I need to see, before I'm killed. I peek at the creature's masterpiece.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

You Don't Love Them Anymore

You don’t love them anymore but sometimes when you look up at the sky you feel like something is missing in your life. You don’t love them anymore but sometimes when you’re driving alone in your car listening to the radio a song reminds you so much of them that you get this overwhelming ache deep in your chest. You don’t love them anymore but sometimes you catch yourself thinking about them and all the memories you two made together. You remember the way they held you, the way they kissed you, the way they made you feel special. You don’t love them anymore but sometimes when you’re in class, or in bed, or watching a movie, or listening to music they always come up in your thoughts but you don’t love them anymore.