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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Melbon. Chocolate Sea Shells Review.

I picked these chocolate sea shells up at the dollar store. I have had similar ones in the past but I thought I'd try out these ones, as it's been years.

They are okay, just okay. I think they taste the price they cost and that's it. They just taste cheap and okay, I like that there are two flavours in each piece but they both taste just okay. I think they look nicer than they taste but they aren't the worst, I rate them 2.5/5.

Tim Hortons Breakfast Wrap Review.

I am rarely out for breakfast but this time I was dying for a breakfast wrap. This wrap has egg, bacon, cheese and chipotle sauce.

I LOVED IT! I wish there was more bacon and I actually didn't find the cheese till half way through but the flavours were amazing and the chipotle sauce was my favourite part! I would definitely order this again 4.5/5.

McDonald's Breakfast Burrito Review.

The McDonald's closest to me is down the street and I usually don't wanna walk in the AM but I managed to get there and order by 10/10:30. I had never tried their breakfast burrito but I decided today it would satisfy my craving.

I am a sucker for breakfast burritos (search my blog for El Monterey) and I did enjoy this one quite a bit. I felt the eggs just needed to be salted or peppered. I don't know if I would get it again as the egg is a big part of the burrito. I rate it 2.5/5, I couldn't bring myself to give it a 3/5 but I also didn't want to say the 2.5/5.

McDonald's Breakfast BELT Review.

I have never been crazy about the egg puck from McDonald's but to my surprise this one wasn't pure yolk! Yay! I hate the yolk of an egg to be honest but this one was great! I felt it needed pepper or some salt but otherwise YES! This was so delicious!

I would order it again if I had a coupon, as these are a bit pricey. I rate it 4/5.

Word Of The Day #88.


Haughty adj. Condescending: behaving in a superior, condescending, or arrogant way. “He always seemed haughty in company meetings.”

Monday, 21 May 2018

Bolthouse Farms. Mango Pineapple Colada Smoothie Review.

I love Bolthouse for their strawberry banana smoothie, I also love mango, pineapple and pina coladas...when I saw they had this, I was excited to try it out. I normally go for a mango colada at the juice bar but not with pineapple, so this was fun to try but nerve wracking for me.

I didn't like it to be honest, the pineapple was the bad part of this. I will stick to my usual juice bar smoothie with no pineapple, I will also stick to the strawberry banana bolthouse smoothie. I rate this one 1/5 as it wasn't the worst but I would never drink it again, not unless I was dying of thirst.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Yes To Tomatoes. Charcoal Mask Review.

This is the Yes To Tomatoes charcoal face mask.

I took it out of the package, applied it to my face and waited the 10 minutes as directed. Sorry I had forgotten to take a before picture.

Upon taking it off, my skin was red in some spots, especially my nose and my face felt tight. It feels like I’ve been a bit sunburnt.

5 minutes following removal, it left my face sticky. I didn’t read the package If it had to be washed off or rinsed. I decided to anyway.

After wash, my face still felt a tad sticky in the cheek area and the jawline.

Despite how I felt after removal, it smells great and I feel more refreshed. It doesn’t work that well for sensitive skin as I mentioned I had red spots on my face and felt sunburnt. I rate it 2.5/5.

Lady Sarah. Honey Flakes Cereal Bar Review.

I got these bars from the dollar store, they literally cost me $1.25 so why not? I am always open to trying new things or new brands of things I usually love.

These bars though were GOD AWFUL. They smelled of old lady perfume, I am not kidding....floral perfume stench and it was soo strong. The taste was hard to taste with the smell so strong, I hated it so much. I have to eat them, as not to waste them but I would NEVER get them again. I rate them 0/5.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

My Jacksepticeye Vines 6.

1. That's what she said......LMAO! Oops!

2. This would make for a very fluffy fanfic or imagine.

3. OUCH JACK! Don't say that! Makes me sore! >_<

4. I swear...every time he flexes...hehehe.

5. If there was any doubt I was straight, all doubt is gone XD.

6. LMAO I wheezed.

7. All I'm saying is.....HMU.

8. I choked on my own laughter, oh god.

9. Me after writing a fanfic :P.

10. This is actually me every time I look in the mirror.

11. I'm that friend tbh.

12. That's what she said....LMAO!

13. Yes please....LMAO I'M SO SORRY!

14. LOL! No words....I'm blushing though.

15. LOL! I can't with this guy hahahaha.

16. Every time Anti shows up.

17. That's the right way to do it indeed :P lmao!

18. My life in a nutshell.

19. I sent this to my crush LMAO!

20. Hello 9-1-1? I think I need help.....I've got a fever of 105 and my face is bright red.

21. That's romantic AF awww!

22. He always speaks the truth and I admire him greatly.

23. Idk why but this made me giggle, what a tough little potato :P.

24. The Truth Lol!

25. LMAO I am a giant child for laughing this hard!

26. When shawty over there lookin like a snack..

27. My ovaries exploded....lmao.

28. Ethan literally sounded like Damian (Makemebad35) when he said that.

29. The truth about shit that hits you.

30. My approach to life.

31. This is literally my reaction to the first video of Jack's I had seen.

32. When the baddest bitch in town shows up.

33. When you ask her what's to eat but you weren't joking, you wanted real food right now.

34. Don't take midnight walks through the park because you're not sure what you'll see.

35. I'm too flustered to look you in the make me weak in the knees.

36. *Dont think of Jack masturbating* *Don't think of Jack masturbating* *Don't think of Jack masturbating* Jack mentions him masturbating *Fuck...I thought about it*

37. This is how I feel about Jack...sigh those baby blues.

38. LOL! Idk I burst into laughter....he ain't wrong though.

39. My reaction when I see Jack.

40. Every time a fuckboy asks me what I'm trying to do.

41. A letter to me.

42. Yes.

43. I choked on my own saliva here LMAO I can't with this man!! LMAO!!

44. I feel this way about two people in my life, tbh. I couldn't be with either nor actually want kids but the only men I find worthy of this would be them.....won't name drop to save them from embarrassment.

45. LMAO I like a man who eats his pineapples.....LMAO I'm so sorry!

46. I'd kill to party with Jack.

47. TEEHEE :P.

48. My fav actually LMAO OOPS! Sorry!

49. When he gives them an orgasm but he's modest as fuck LMAO!

50. Hehehehehe.

51. I'm actually a 7 but thanks Jack hehe :D.

52. This made me soft! AWWW!

53. At 25 this is already relatable.

54. When some fuckboy tries to hit me up. (This is actually me lmao.)

55. This kinda applies to me...I mean cupcakes are still cakes :D lol.

56. Me if I met Jack lmao!

57. How I feel scrolling through social media and seeing the most fucked up shit.

58. When i see BTS.

59. My reaction to some people in my DMs.

60. That's what she said LOL!

61. When people tell me to work out or change my diet.

62. LMAO no comment.

63. I just love the word pamphlet and this is one I wanna read.

 64. When she's too tight.

65. Don't tease him lol!

66. Imagine him saying that to you....oh jesus.

67. When I see BTS.

68. From me to BTS and Army! xo

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Select Choice. Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Review.

I picked these up at the dollar store, I'm always a sucker for cheap food finds. I like granola and I like chocolate chips, so why not?

Well, it was rather bland, dry and lacked chocolate chips. Each bar had maybe 4 chocolate chips in it, it was really sad to me.I would eat them if offered to me but I wouldn't buy them again. I rate them 2.5/5.

Kitchen 88. Teriyaki Chicken & White Rice Review.

I have never had dollar store rice and meat meals but I was on the search for foods to snack on during the day. I love teriyaki chicken and rice, I normally get these cups by Uncle Ben's, from the grocery store but I didn't wanna spend much on it that day.

I found the instructions unclear, it says to pull back the lid part ways and then add the sauce BUT you can't properly put the sauce in the cup if you don't pull the lid back at least half if not more. So I just pulled it back until I could successfully do the next step.

The flavour was bleh, it was like prison food to me and I would only eat it again if I was starving. The chicken didn't look like chicken, it looked more like dog food. The rice was so bland and not even rice textured, it was odd. The sauce and veggies were fine but the whole thing together was just a big let down. What do you expect though for not even 2 bucks? I rate it 1/5, I would've said 0/5 but the sauce itself and the veggies weren't too bad.

Lucky Me! Chicken Mami. Instant Noodle Soup Review.

I recently reviewed the beef soup (search my blog for lucky me!) and now I decided to try out the chicken soup. I was nervous about this one but decided why not? I normally prefer beef over chicken but I was surprised.

I liked it a lot more than the beef one, it was actually pretty good compared to the beef one. Overall though I wasn't too crazy about it but it was not a struggle to eat like the beef one. The broth was better, the garnish was was just a lot better. It didn't leave a gross smell to my dish like the beef one did to my other dish, it had to be washed multiple times and it still stinks, sadly. For this chicken soup I rate it 2.5/5. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it, I couldn't bring myself to give it a 3/5.

Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review.

I'm picky about my oreos but these ones I had never tried and I thought I would like, also the price was good that day.

I didn't like them, the first one was fine but instantly once I ate the second cookie I quickly hated them. They taste bleh, I don't even know how to describe it, it's too much cinnamon and then it's bland. It's a mix of meh flavours and I didn't care for it at all, they were also too rich, I prefer the double stuff if I'm going rich. I rate them 0/5.

CookieCrush Gourmet Bakery. White Chocolate Shamrock Cookies Review.

I saw these cute shamrock cookies at the grocery store and for cheap, I decided to try them out even though I'm not usually a white chocolate person but I do love cookies and foods at a discount.

I hated them, they smelled and tasted so much like Disaronno and that give me a bad taste in my mouth and flashbacks of my crazy past. I tried to see past it but I couldn't. I would never get them again. I rate them 1/5. I would've said 0/5 but the cookie part itself wasn't too bad but it was hard to taste outside the rest of it, it was a struggle to eat.

Cinnabon Gooey Bites Review.

Cinnabon is amazing, when I found out they have these at the grocery store I screamed. I have decided to try these out micowave and oven methods, so I can get the full experience.

I first started off with the microwave method and this is how they turned out.

Taste wise they were a good Cinnabon flavour BUT they were really really doughy, to the point where I struggled to eat them, without choking. I do have a feeling in the oven will be a better method.

I then did them in the oven, 15 minutes. I found they were still doughy but less doughy and easier to eat than with the microwave method.

Overall though, considering both cooking methods...these were not that good. I think I would rather go to Cinnabon and get a bun or center of the roll. These were good to try out, I'm glad I did but I rate them 2.5/5.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Chapman's Ice Cream Twister Review.

I'm always excited to try new things, of course and I saw these and at a good price I snatched them up. I didn't read the box though, I thought all three flavours were made of ice cream. It was only until JUST NOW I realized the chocolate and strawberry are water ice wrapped around vanilla ice cream.

I thought it tasted just okay, I don't think I would get them again though, it was a weird concept to me and I found difficult to eat with the conflicting shape and textures. I have had this water ice before but it's usually on the outside of an ice cream bar. I rate it 2.5/5.