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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Hershey's. Whole Almonds Chocolate Bar Review.


I don't like Hershey's chocolate, it tastes like it's meant for baking and not eating on it's own. I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 2.5/5.

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Ocean's. SnacKit. Onion and Celery Tuna Cracker Kit Review.


I like picking up these tuna kits, they are nice for a light snack and I wanted to try this one out for review.

I didn't like the rice crackers much, I would've preferred real crackers but the tuna was delicious. I'd get this again for sure, I rate it 4/5.

Friday, 29 January 2021

Storck. Merci Milk Chocolate Review.


I always thought Merci was a good chocolate by the ads but this was cheap and gross. I'm so disappointed and I wouldn't get them again, I rate them  2.5/5.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Kellogg's. Special K Nourish. Dark Chocolate Chunks and Almonds Bar Review.


This bar didn't taste too bad but the dark chocolate was my least favourite part, it's too rich for me but good to try for review. I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 2.5/5.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Elvan. Today. Chocolate Croissant Review.


A Youtuber I like enjoys these so when I saw them in the dollar store I wanted to pick them up for review.

They weren't that bad but they did taste cheap. There was more filling than I thought but it was mostly on the one side of the pastry. I wouldn't get them again but I'd eat them if offered and I rate them 2.5/5.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Compliments. Vegetable Samosas Review.


I love me some samosas so I wanted to try these for review. (Yes the box came beat up lol.)

These are really good and a bit spicy but nothing I couldn't enjoy. They are great for someone not wanting a meat samosa. I would get them again for sure and I rate them 4/5.

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Revive Superfoods. Smoothie Subscription Review.

I kept seeing ads for this company Revive Superfoods and then I was hearing about their discounts on first orders, they have a first time order and a boxing day order coupon, both of them were for 60% off and when I saw they took paypal I had to jump on it for review.

I was interested in their smoothies but they have super meals, bowls and super oats. I looked over their smoothies and I decided on 12 cups monthly, they had different options on cups and how often.

Here is what I added to my box:

This was a breakdown of my order:

Under the address info form you can select a very specific date they will deliver the package on, you do not need to be home for it but you can leave instructions. 

I placed my order January 9th 2021 and I picked January 18th 2021 for my delivery date. I am only doing this once for review also because the price of the smoothies after my first order is more than I'd like to pay for smoothies, you will have to email them to cancel the subscription, make sure you do it as soon as possible as the payments come out automatically.

They arrived mid day on January 18th, just as stated.

Here is what the package looked like:

I find these need to be halved to accompany single serve blenders but can be dranken full for regular sized blenders.These ffrozen drinks almost broke my blender, many chunks would not break down. You need a heavy duty blender for these, so I don't recommend a Magic Bullet or similar but you can do it, I have.

Since I was using a single serve blender my 12 cups got me 24 drinks. Keep in mind this a lot of space to be taken up in your freezer, I don't usually have room for this.

THEY SAY IN THE AD AND ON THE CUPS YOU CAN USE YOUR PREFERRED LIQUID, WRONG there is a method to this that they don't tell you about it, so we had to experiment. Many people were using just water or almond milk for theirs depending on the cup but we have two kinds of milk (lactose free and regular), pineapple juice, mango juice, orange juice, guava mango juice and water.

These are the steps:

Some of the cups have suggestions (like above they recommend coconut milk) but they still say you can use your "preferred liquid".

(Sorry I didn't get a photo of the frozen contents or blended results for the first two cups, I had forgotten sorry.)

Note: You can pour them back into the cups provided and insert a straw but I have a Magic Bullet so my cups already have handles, so I just use those.


It tasted bad with milk and lactose free milk (I didn't have any coconut water or coconut milk).
I found the more you eat through it the more it tastes gross like pure cauliflower and earth. It was the consistency of cottage cheese meets Greek yogurt and very lumpy and gross 0/5.  

(I ended up ruining the first cup and I had to toss the whole thing, this was just before realizing I need to halve the cup to use for my little blender.)

Liquid Gold: 

(Note: I took the carrots out of last two, they weren't blending AT ALL.)

It tastes great with lemonade 5/5 (my brother wanted to use some of his lemonade).

It was just okay with water 2.5/5, this one made it taste like a watermelon textured carrot. With these two liquids it wasn't smoothie like, it was thin applesauce texture. 

Tastes pretty good with pineapple juice 3/5 and was finally smoothie texture, I could drink it.

Then lastly I tried it with orange juice and it's also pretty good 3/5, the texture is back to being thick like apple sauce, until you let it sit till it becomes drinkable.
There's something brown in it, some kind of ingredient that is chunky and doesn't blend, it's kind of gross looking and I didn't eat it.

I have found these cups are so picky, even if you do the same amount of liquid for each cup you can get different results or even if you try adding more or less of something you can't seem to get consistent results.

Coconut Cream: 

Note: I didn't keep in the cauliflower, I didn't want it this time around, I just kept it in the Pinalada one. 

We did it with pineapple juice, it was alright and actually came out like a smoothie, it smells and tastes like a floral coconut bun 2/5.

Then we tried it with water and it was also smoothie textured but it was not good and tasted like a bath bomb 0/5.

Next we did it with guava mango juice, it was again smoothie textured (I think vegetables could ruin the texture of a cup, I'm glad I took it out.) and this one tasted so much better than the other two but maybe cause it's mostly the juice you taste 4/5.

Lastly we tried it with milk, I was so scared after the last time we used milk and it was thicker than the other ones but the flavour was bad, it was very much Bath and Body Works but it went so much better than the first time we tried using milk 2.5/5.

Strawberry Zen: 

Note: I removed the zucchini, as my blender won't break it down.

First we tried with just mango juice,  it was really good! I added a lot of juice but still I needed a spoon for it 4/5.

Then we used the guava mango juice, it was also good but not as good, though very tropical tasting and also needed a spoon 3.5/5.

Lastly we tried milk and again I was nervous and it was not good, it was just a weird mash of flavours and too much milk but it wasn't even in a drinkable consistency, so I couldn't add more 0/5.

And the last cup.

Pink Dragon:

Sadly I have ran out of mango juice and I'm running low on milk. I have spent a lot of money on liquids for these cups, it drives me insane, each cup is already 6.99......without the liquid. 

First we tried it with milk and it's bad, all I taste is seeds and milk, no fruit flavours nothing. It's smoothie texture finally but wasn't worth drinking 0/5. Update: my throat began to tingle and feelings of seeds in my throat.

Next we tried it with guava mango juice and it it was better than the last one but of course thick and needs a spoon 3/5. Update: after drinking this my throat was almost burning and prickly and dry feeling 2/5.

Next we tried it with pineapple juice and it was not that good, it was almost savoury but in a sweet way, like a plum sauce or bbq sauce with fruits, it was so odd and of course not smoothie textured 2/5.


Lastly we tried it with orange juice and it was like an orange version of a lemonhead but not sour just tangy, it wasn't that great either but I preferred this one 3/5.

So overall the only cup with almost consistently good flavours was the Strawberry Zen, some of them had hits but mostly meh or misses across the cups.

I have found my stomach unhappy with these smoothies, it's likely the flax and chia seeds, I am having constipation and it's not good as I have IBS, so if you have IBS or other digestive problems maybe see around if all of them have chia and flax seeds, I think they do but maybe you could get lucky and find something that doesn't I have not looked personally.

I emailed them to cancel further orders and it took them 2-3 business days to respond and the woman tried to offer me another box with a 30% discount but I declined and I went into detail all the issues I've had with this box including my digestive issues. There was no follow up email but a few days later I checked my account and it's been paused. (Speaking of pausing, if you don't want to cancel you have an option to pause for a month or two.) I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be unpaused in the future so I went into Paypal and I cancelled automatic payment. If you ordered with your bank account, you can contact the bank and discuss blocking it or turning off automatic payments, however that would work.

My final thoughts: This was wild to say the least, expensive and wild. It's much cheaper to buy your own supplies and make more smoothies, making your own smoothies cheaper per serving and my little blender would be happier not doing this box anymore. Trying to find a good combo of liquid to cup was a roller coaster and if you only like 1-3 cups in the whole box then you are wasting that money AND if you re-planned it with only flavours you liked, you'd be stuck drinking the same thing for days or weeks, depending on your consumption rate. This was fun to try for review and at that 50 dollars off discount but it was certainty not worth almost 90 bucks going forward, that's a price of a luxury cup of smoothie you'd buy at a fancy place kinda like Starbucks prices. I have chatted your ear off but I'm glad it's over and I wouldn't be doing it again in the future, you can try it out for yourselves if you'd like the challenge OR you'd like to try their other products, check them out for sure but I rate them 3/5 overall.