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Friday, 3 May 2019

Mary Brown's. Macaroni and Cheese Review.

So I have posted previously two other Mary Brown's review (search it on my blog) and when I had went the second time for the Sweet Mary's, I had at the same time ordered a macaroni.

This is what the sign showed, macaroni salad and when I went up to order it made a fool of myself not knowing they know longer have this salad but a macaroni and cheese salad, I was not thrilled as I wanted the other macaroni salad.

Anyway I thought I'd try it out anyway fine why not? It overall wasn't too bad, better than I thought since I've had an interesting experience each time I order from Mary Brown's, it's probably the only good thing on their menu, knowing I have only had one of their desserts, their wedges and their chicken. I would consider eating it again if I'm craving it, I rate it 3/5.

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