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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Golden Mills. Animal Crackers Review.

I picked these animal crackers up at the dollar store, got them for 1.25. There were 4 mini bags in the box which made me happy, as apposed to one big bag cause once you open it you gotta really wrap it up good to avoid them all getting stale, this way is so much easier and good for on the go.

These cookies are weirdly shaped, they are animals but some of these animals I've never seen before, it was kinda like a child drew some animals funny and they made them into cookies. They don't really look like the picture on the box but it's fine. They don't taste great to be honest, they have a lemon like flavour almost, I don't know how to explain it but if you've ever had both expensive animal crackers and also really cheap ones you may know the flavour I mean, you know the cheap ones are usually off because the expensive ones don't have this flavour. I don't like the texture either they are tougher than good ones BUT they aren't the worst if you're on a budget and need something to eat. I rate them 2.5/5.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Pillsbury. Marshmallow Cookies Review.

Disclaimer: I was sold expired cookies, they are still edible but they do not look like they are supposed to. I wasn't able to travel an hour to return them and I also did not have a receipt. They were only over the expiry date by at most one week.

These cookies looked pretty good on the package and I decided to pick these up, as they were also on sale (which would explain a lot I guess haha). These are limited edition marshmallow cookies. 

They baked real large like the package suggested and they all touched in the pan (in the photo you can see them weirdly shaped due to being expired and I also had to pry them apart.) so I should've baked less at once, my mistake. The flavour was off but it wasn't that bad, I wonder what they would've tasted like fresh. I would consider trying them again but making sure they were in date. I rate these ones 3/5, I didn't wanna say 3 but I also didn't wanna say 2.5 and they are only good piping hot, after that they are odd textured. 

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Phoenix Cuisine. Chicken and Veggies Review.

I have done two other reviews from Phoenix Cuisine (search them on my blog) and this time I'm trying out the chicken.

It comes with the usual veggie fried rice and vegetables. The rice was delicious as always and as with the last dish I didn't like the water chesnuts and I'm tired of celery to be honest but they were fine. The chicken was really good a lot better than the beef I've tried. I always wish there was more meat as with the beef dish they lacked in meat but the sweet and sour pork there was a lot more meat overall and compared to veggies. I would order this again if I was in the mood for this kind of chicken but so far from their menu the sweet and sour pork has been the best. I rate the chicken 4/5.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

President's Choice. Loads of Cookies N Creme Ice Cream Bar Review.

This ice cream bar I BELIEVE was on sale, I don't recall. I like cookies n creme ice cream and I thought why not try them out.

I overlooked the box when it showed the ice cream had a coating on it, I don't know why I was surprised when I opened one but I was. The shell may be white chocolate, I'm not sure and there's chocolate pieces all over the bar, when you bite into it there's cookies n creme ice cream. The bar was pretty good, I had no real complaints about it I just didn't love it; maybe I just don't like the concept of my ice cream on a stick haha or maybe I don't love cookies n creme as much as I was hoping. I like the chocolate dipped ice cream bars by another brand. I would eat these again for sure but I don't know if I'd buy another box myself. I rate them 3.5/5.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Town House. Pretzel Flip Sides Review.

These are a snack half cracker half pretzel, the idea is funky and I like both pretzels and crackers so I thought I'd try them for review.

There is something off about them, I don't know which side I dislike but I dislike them; maybe them together aren't good or it's the cracker but I'm not 100%. They are salty and are a cool concept, I'd eat them if I had to or if offered but I wouldn't buy them again, I rate them 2.5/5.

Not Vine Vines 2.

1. When I see Woosung.

2. When I'm on my stan account.

3. I did this once.

4. Me on my stan account.

5. LOL ME!

6. My message to fuck boys and their dick pics.

7. When someone stumbles up my writing.

8. This is true!

9. When I think of BTS and The Rose.

10. How I feel about life.

11. When I think of Dom Hoseok.

12. I laughed for hard I cried and I was clapping, love this song.

13. My all time favourite Keeyuh moment, I cried and laughed so hard I couldn't see; I couldn't open my eyes. I love her so much, my favourite female Youtuber.

14. LOL ME!

15. If you looked inside my brain.

16. When men hit me up knowing they got a wife.

17. When i go on Twitter.

18. Fanfics be like:

19. When I see my boys, they indeed kill me.

20. Me in a nutshell.

21. When people bite Popsicles and I can't.

22. Excuse me while I watch Rhett lick his god.

23. Lol this is how I feel!

24. Me on my stan account.

25. Me in a nutshell.

26. When I see Woosung play guitar.

27. LMAO me.

28. Going into 2020.

29. This is me all the time.

30. This is me on Sunday.

31. If this isn't me lmao!

32. During a Bangtan Gangbang.

33. When Taehyung sticks out his tongue.

34. Seeing women on my TL:

Monday, 26 August 2019

Go 2 Snax. Jalapeno & Cheese Crunchies Review.

I picked these up at the dollar store 1.25 for the whole bag which is a great deal. These are basically like cheetos but they obviously couldn't call them that.

This is jalapeno and cheese flavoured, I think they may have had one other flavour, unless I'm mistaken. This brand also does chips. The flavour of these are pretty good especially for a dollar store product. Both flavours came through but I felt the cheese was a whole lot but that's out of personal preference not out of the product. I would eat them again but I don't know if I'd buy them again. I rate them 3.5/5.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Knorr Selects. Tomato, Basil and Garlic with Volanti Pasta Review.

I picked this up at the dollar store and thankfully because at the grocery store these cost 3 dollars but I paid 1.25. This is a little package of pasta and for the price it's a good deal.

The flavour though wasn't great, it's what you pay for and I thank god I didn't pay 3 bucks for it. It's lacking flavour and needs more sauce I feel, it was hot in temp but the flavour gave off lukewarm or cold vibes, I don't know how to explain it. I would eat it if offered or I needed to eat but I wouldn't buy it to enjoy. I rate it 2.5/5.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Nestle. Toasted S'mores Drumstick Review.

I usually like the strawberry drumstick only but I decided to try out this one, toasted s'mores.

I didn't mind it, it's not really for me but the flavours were there and if you're a chocolate lover you'll probably like it. I like the different textures of drumsticks, they always have the contrast of smooth ice cream and the chocolate pieces, this one has graham cracker pieces on top as well, it was different but it wasn't bad. Oh and I cannot forget the legendary Drumstick cone, it was as good as always, surprisingly this one did not leak, as they usually leak; in my experience at least. I'd eat it again if offered but I wouldn't buy it myself. I rate it 3.5/5.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl. Avocado-Licious Popcorn Review.

I was shopping for vegan and healthy snacks recently and I picked up this popcorn that's popped in avocado oil. I don't like avocado but I thought I'd still these out for review.

They tasted alright, I wasn't crazy about them as I thought but the more I ate them the more I could tolerate them. If you like popcorn and avocado you might wanna try them out too. I don't think I'd get them again but it was nice to try for review. There is a pretty big bag for the price, so I think it was worth the money. I rate them 2.5/5.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

#SQUADGOALS. Sour Gummy Cola Bottles Review.

This package with the dogs on it got comments about this item being dog treats, twice but I assure you guys, they aren't for animals LOL!

These are sour cola bottles, these are made with beef gelatine I believe and they are a lot softer than a usual gummy cola bottle but they aren't too bad. Sour wise they are not, it has a little tangy flavour to them if you eat enough in a row but overall they are very tame. You'd have to get used to the texture I think but overall they were pretty good, I don't know if I'd get them again though but I'm glad I did them for review. I rate them 3/5.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Michelina's Poutine Review.

I love Michelina's frozen foods though I wish they were all Grande sized like the meatloaf or two other kinds. I though had never seen or tried this poutine one and I thought I'd do it for review.

I loveee poutine and I didn't have high hopes for this as it's frozen but it wasn't too bad, the fries though felt under-cooked despite how hot the cheese and gravy were, they were just really pale fries and frankly not enough fries. The flavour wasn't too bad to be honest, it's not the greatest but for a frozen food, it's better than I thought. I don't know if I'd get it again, as I'd rather get actual poutine and I also wish there was more, the portion size was a little skimped on I felt. I rate it 3/5.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Tangy Zangy. Sour Raspberries Candy Review.

I was picking up some vegan or healthy snacks and I was eyeing these candies, I like this brand but did not know they made vegan options. This gummy candy has no gluten or gelatin for those who are vegan, have allergies or can't have gelatin for religious reasons.

These are a perfect texture for my sensitive and sore teeth (I'm battling dental nerve damage). They are a good amount of sour for someone like me and the flavour is pretty good! They are a very soft texture since they are gelatin free and it's different but not too bad. I would get them again if I was looking for a sour candy. I rate them 4/5.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Nestle. Ruby Cocoa Kit Kat Review.

I had spotted this new Kit Kat and I love the colour pink while I also love Kit Kat so I was excited to try it. This Kit Kat is made with ruby cocoa, whatever that is but I like the sound of it.

Sadly I didn't like the taste, it looks good but tastes not good TO ME anyway, everyone else around here thought it wasn't bad or pretty good. I thought it tasted like flowers, perfume and raspberry and it wasn't nice to me. I would not get it again but it was fun to try for review, I rate it 1/5. I gave it a 1 instead of a 0 because the inside was still good, love the wafers.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Sensible Portions. Sour Cream and Onion Garden Veggie Chips Review.

I have tried the veggie straws from this brand but I didn't like them, the chips though I had not yet tried.

These are delicious, they taste JUST like Pringles. I ended up getting a second can a few days later. I like the healthier alternative to Pringles. I would definitely get them again and I rate them 4/5, I would've said 5/5 but I'm not the biggest fan of Pringles and I just have to be craving them to eat them, also I get tired of them real quick.

Friday, 9 August 2019

President's Choice. Apple Caramel Blossom Review.

I like apple blossoms, I get my usually from M&M Meat Shop but this is a President's Choice one from the grocery store, they are the same virtually but I thought I'd try another brand than my usual for review.

This is a pastry blossom filled with apples and caramel. I normally don't get the caramel one but why not? I normally am picky about my caramel and don't usually like it but this apple blossom was still pretty good, I though felt it was a little bland in the blossom but I don't know what more could've been done, maybe sprinkled with cinnamon or sugar maybe. The filling was pretty good, I thought this doneness of the apple was better than my usual blossom as most times it's too firm and throws off the blossom. I would consider getting them again if I'm craving a blossom, as I don't know if M&M still has them. I rate it 3.5/5.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Emoji Gummy Candy Review.

I picked this up at the dollar store, I still can't believe every single item in the store is $1.25 or less. These are emoji gummies, in the photo you can see what each one looks like and a list of the flavours; there was also a cute little message on the back of the bag haha.

They smell like cough drops. I did not get any lime ones in the bag but here is a break down of each one I did get:

The sun one tastes pretty good, really juicy like the package suggested. I’m not crazy about orange but it tasted better than it smelled. I rate it 3.5/5.

The smile one tastes like pineapple juice. It wasn’t too bad but it was a good pineapple taste compared to what I thought it would be. I rate it 3/5.

The heart one tastes like cherry, like the fake candy cherry but less syrupy. I am not crazy about cherry candy but it wasn’t too bad, this one tastes most like it smells. I rate it 3/5.

The poop emoji comes in all flavours depending on colour. This red one tasted like cherry but less cherry than the one I just had I don’t know why but it was okay I rate it 3/5.

The thumb one tastes so good, it’s like pear taffy or those Real Fruir gummies. This one is great, tastes a lot like pear and I think they nailed it. I rate it 4/5.

Last the angry one has a good hint of strawberry and doesn’t taste too bad, it’s what I imagined but still tastes rather fake but fake isn’t always bad it’s just a lot like the heart gummies I’ve done here on my blog (search BLANK)

Overall these were interesting gummies, the chew is between soft and medium, for me anyway with dental nerve damage currently haha. It was a good try for review but I’m not sure I would get them again, I think they are cool but overall emojis are kinda cringey when overused in products.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Beanitos. Honey Chipotle BBQ Black Bean Chips Review.

I had never tried black bean chips before but I had always been eyeing ones of different brands, this time I was on a vegan/organic/health snack shop for review and I decided to pick these up.

The flavour is honey chipotle bbq, while I don't like honey much but the rest sounded good to me. These chips though are flavourful for sure but not too much chipotle not until you get to the end of the bag, they are a little tingly to the tongue but any chips before that aren't spicy whatsoever; maybe if you shook up the bag it would've been better but I of course didn't wanna risk breaking up the chips. I don't know if I'd buy them again but I would eat them if offered, I rate them 3.5/5.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Curenero. Passion Fruit Macron Review.

The box spells it macaroon, (like the coconut ones) and that really bothers me. I couldn't bring myself to spell it like that so I changed it.

This macron is passion fruit flavoured, I'm not sure what the filling is though. It tasted bad overall, it was like flowery perfume, didn't scream passion fruit to me. I ended up giving them away, I couldn't force myself to finish the box off, I definitely would not get them again and I rate them 0/5.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Almond Crush Pocky Review.

I've done three other Pocky reviews (search my blog) and this one is for the almond crush Pocky.

For those who don't know what a pocky is it's a cookie stick with different toppings on it depending on flavour. This almond crush is a cookie stick with a almond pieces and melted chocolate. I thought these weren't too bad, the texture I though wasn't crazy about but the flavour was pretty good. I would eat them again if offered but I don't think I'd eat them again. I rate them 3/5.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Nestle. Smarties Snax Review.

I have not yet tried any of the snax, they have different ones but this time I grabbed Smarties because I love smarties.

This bag is basically a trail mix with: Smarties, almonds, pretzel bites and honey oat clusters. I only liked the pretzels and smarties in this bag, the rest was just okay and I didn't like all together. The almonds took away from the rest of it, so I ate them first, then I ate the honey oat clusters as they were kinda weird in the mix too. I did enjoy the pretzels and smarties together and felt they were the only two things that fit, ultimately I wouldn't get it again; I'll just stick to separate bags of pretzels and boxes of Smarties haha. I rate it 2.5/5.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Tim Hortons. Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Review.

I popped into Tim Hortons and I wanted something for breakfast, I had surprisingly not yet had the croissant sandwich so I thought I'd try it for review.

This sandwich is bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant. The bacon, cheese and egg are the same as used in all their other breakfast items and these are all good, I feel could use more bacon. I love their croissants and I usually get the chicken salad croissant but I'm glad I tried it for breakfast, it was different than my usual English muffin or biscuit but it was pretty good. I liked the combo of the salty toppings and the buttery sweetness on the croissant, normally I'm turned off by salty and sweet at Tim Hortons but this one was pretty good, I just wish I had gotten two haha. I would get it again if I was craving it but I'm stingy and think 5 bucks for it is a little pricey but then again most of their food is overpriced in my opinion. I rate it 4/5.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Nongshim. Shin Noodle Soup Review.

So I picked up these noodles because my favourite boyband BTS likes and eats these noodles. I was so nervous to finally pick these up cause they say spicy on them and my sensitive white ass usually can't do spicy.

And I was right. It wasn't the worst but it was FUN to put it lightly haha, I know some of the boys can't eat spicy either so I don't feel SO alone but it was good to finally try for review as these ones are popular even here. I couldn't really taste anything but spicy so I don't have views on flavour but I will not be getting them again, I rate it 2/5.