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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Booster Juice. Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie Review.

I've done a few reviews from this restaurant (search them on my blog) and today I'm trying the Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie.

This smoothie has: strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, guava and yogurt. Lovely flavour, with strawberry and guava coming through the most. It tastes like summer in a smoothie, delicious! I think this is my current favourite smoothie. I would get it again for sure and I rate it 5/5.

Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Crumbs and Cream. Fruit Waffle, Vanilla Ice Cream and Mango Mocktail Review.


This was my first time coming to this restaurant but I was excited to try it out.

I got a waffle with fruit and maple syrup. I have to say this is a phenomenal waffle, piled up with fruits and it came with a nice syrup. So delicious and probably my favourite waffle I've had, it was just so warm and yummy! I'd get it again and I rate it 5/5.

The waffle came with a side of ice cream, I decided on just vanilla. It's nothing fancy but oddly colder than other ice cream I usually eat. I'd consider it again and I rate it 3.5/5.

Lastly I got a mango mocktail, it was very summery and refreshing but I think it needed more mango but was pretty good; just not something I usually drink but good for review. I don't know if I'd get it again but I rate it 3.5/5.

Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Dr. Oetker. Vegetable Pizza Review.


I've done quite a few of these reviews from this brand (search them on my blog) and today I'm trying the vegetable pizza.

I loved this one and I bought it twice already. The crust is great, the toppings are great and it's probably my favourite one for what it is, I'm a veggie pizza lover more than meat if I'm honest. Of course I'd get it again and I rate it 5/5.

Monday, 15 May 2023

Odd Burger. Vopper, Fries and Strawberry Milkshake Review.


This is my first time trying this restaurant, this is a vegan burger place that recreates popular burger, chicken and other dishes.

I got this Vopper with a smashburger patty (as I dont like chickpeas in the other patty) it's a vegan take on a Burger King Whopper. It looks great, all the toppings looks fresh and were yummy. The burger was good and I was new to seitan bacon (though didn't know it was made of chickpeas anyway haha) and that I also thought was pretty good. It's not got the signature Whopper flavour, even compared to their Impossible version but this is a good substitute to a Whopper. I don't know if I'd get it again unless I was craving it but I rate it 3.5/5 compared to other burgers and 4/5 as a vegan burger.

These fries are thick, soft, nicely done, nicely seasoned and were overall really good. I would get them again and I rate them 4/5.

I don't know what's in this gravy, it just states its plant based but I did not like this gravy. I found it tasted quite unique and not for me and it was a bit too sweet. I'm glad I didn't get a poutine, as this gravy would've ruined it. Not the worst gravy I've had but luckily it was only 2 bucks but I'm sad it went to waste. I would of course not get it again and I rate it 2/5.

Lastly I got a strawberry milkshake (the camera sucked the colour out but it's a gorgeous pink shade). It tasted a lot like strawberry bubble gum or strawberry milk candy I've had from Japan. It was too heavy on the oat and soy flavours and that turned the milkshake into a  bad plant taste near the end. I didn't hate it but I would not get it again and I rate it 2.5/5.

Note: something I ate today did not agree with me, I have this issue with non vegan foods too though, I just don't know what made my tummy cry today haha. It could've been the burger, the bacon, the milkshake or the burger bun, they do have gluten free versions and I probably should've gotten one BUT I do plan to go back anyway and try their "chicken" items, they have strips and wings I believe.

Saturday, 13 May 2023

Bang Energy. Purple Kiddles Energy Drink Review.

I have done quite a few reviews from this brand (search them on my blog) and today I'm trying the purple kiddles flavour. This is likely my last review of this brand for now.

This tastes like skittles but mostly blue not purple and also has a nice fruit like juice flavour. Not a bad drink but I didn't love it, I would drink it if offered but I don't know if I'd get it again and I rate it 3/5.

Update: I have learned Bang is now in Canada, the ones I've been reviewing so far are the US Bang from an import store. They are not the same, as the Canadian Bang energy drinks that are only 180mg of caffeine unlike the US Bang energy drinks, which contains 300mg of caffeine. This is due to Canada's regulations on caffeine and I can say I'm happy with 180, I am less likely to have my organs fall out now haha. I am going to soon be reviewing a peach mango Bang and that one is Canadian, it was my first Canadian Bang. I have though learned some retailers are selling both US and Canadian versions, I just now have to keep my eyes peeled and purchase safely. I am currently drinking my favourite flavour of Strawberry Kiss and this one is Canadian, unlike the first time I had it. Overall  I am happy with this change and Im looking forward to enjoying more Bang with less caffeine. 

Note: Bang contains stuff Redbull and Reign do not (as I can drink them freely), that can also be factors in what upsets my organs when I drink the Bang.

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Bang Energy. Purple Haze Energy Drink Review.

I've tried quite a few of the Bang (search them on my blog) and today I'm trying out the Purple Haze.

This isn't too bad, it tastes like grape dr pepper but nothing to write home about. I'd drink it again if offered but I don't think I'd buy it again and I rate it 3/5.

Monday, 8 May 2023

Russell Stover. Milk and Dark Assorted Chocolates Review.

I did a while ago a Lindt assorted box of chocolates (search it on my blog) and today I'm doing a Russell Stover assorted box of chocolates. Above is a breakdown of each type and flavour. I will be doing a review of each one. This one retails for approx 30 bucks but I got it for 5 bucks at a discount grocery store.

This one is nut caramel, it was hard to chew but tastes great, like a riesen candy. I would eat it again, trying not to break teeth though haha and I rate it 4.5/5.

This is peanut cluster, also hard to chew but in the solid chocolate way, overall it wasn't great but the peanuts were a nice addition. I don't know if I'd get this one again but I'd eat if offered and I rate it 3/5.

This is strawberry creme, it's a lovely texture and nice flavour but something about it is a little odd like a little flavour that's unusual or maybe artificial. I did though still really like it but it's no pot of gold, their strawberry creme is the best haha but I'd eat this one again and I rate it 4/5.

This is vanilla creme, the chocolate texture is nice though I'm not a big fan of the creme texture, it has not a bad flavour but it's nothing to write home about and the flavour is almost coconut-y and surely tastes artificial. It's not as good as the strawberry creme but not a bad chocolate, though I can admit I'm not a dark chocolate person. I'd eat it again if offered but I don't know if I'd buy it again and I rate it 3/5.

This is butter creme, this one is pretty good and the filling reminds me almost of another chocolate bar, maybe a 3 musketeers. It has good flavour and I'd probably get it again and I rate it 3.5/5.

These are the chocolate covered peanuts, nothing fancy but taste good, just as other brands of chocolate peanuts. I'd eat them again and I rate them 3.5/5.

This is the caramel, very hard to chew like the first one but overall a good flavour and I really liked it despite me not being a carmel person. I'd eat these again but trying not to break my teeth as always haha and I rate it 4/5.

I should say both this box and the Lindt box had some great pieces, I think I prefer this box overall. Though the Lindt one was more worth the price JUST by how many pieces came in that box vs. this one but I do believe in quality (or personal taste) over quantity; this box I just had more fun eating and enjoyed eating more, despite not getting as much for the price (note: these two boxes cost almost the same). I have learned most of my favourite chocolates are more plain in flavours and that's okay and that luxury chocolate it's usually my cup of tea.