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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Mel's Diner. Spaghetti Bolognese Review.

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I don't recall when the last time I went to Mel's Diner, if ever but I decided on the spaghetti while I was there (next time I'm getting the bacon wrapped meatloaf). 

It was alright, it smelled better than it tasted but it was just alright. I have no in depth review on it as it was just as a basic spaghetti bolognese would taste. I don't know if I would get it again but I rate it 3.5/5.

Leclerc. French Creme Cookies Review.

So these are like the Peek Freans made by Christie, though I got these ones at the dollar store. They were AWFUL. I am honestly thinking they were stale the whole time, from the moment I opened the box to the moment I had to toss em, they were starting to taste funny after half the package, it was a sad day for me. I hate wasting food but I had no choice and I surely wouldn't get them again, yuck. I rate them 2.5/5. I would've said a lower rating but if I was starving I would eat them.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Japanese Assorted Kit Kat Review.

So I did a review on my Yotuube channel for Japanese Assorted Kit Kat bars. I did 7 on my channel and I am doing the final 7 here on my blog. To check out the video of the first 7 bars, you can find it here:

Bar 1: Looks like matcha, smells like matcha, tastes like matcha. It’s not too bad a flavour and I would eat it if offered (3/5).

Bar 2: Smells like very creamy white chocolate mixed with something sweeter, it’s likely strawberry the flavour wasn’t too bad but I’m not crazy about it (2.5/5).

Bar 3: Looks like darker matcha, smells like matcha, tastes more tea like than matcha so it’s likely actually just green tea. I dislike it as it tastes like leafs and sticks (2/5).

Bar 4: It’s a very light green in colour, it smells like green paint or marker, tastes like I have eaten white chocolate then licked a marker tip (2.5/5).

Bar 5: Looks like the matcha one I’ve had in the other video, smells like matcha which I’ve never been a fan of, tastes like matcha but the more I eat it the more I dislike it. Oddly enough this one was the least harsh in flavour (3/5)

Bar 6: The package has some kind of sauce looking thing on it, there's also a spoonful of something that looks like a spice. The bar is a brownish green, smells like brown modelling clay, it tastes like a coffee flavour, more rich than a coffee crisp bar. I'm not fond of it but it’s better than most of the bars I’ve tried (2.5/5).

Bar 7: The package shows a cheesecake with strawberry sauce and this one I’m most excited for. It smells amazing just like strawberry sauce and cheesecake!!! The flavour isn’t the greatest but it’s a lot nicer than any of the kitkats I’ve eaten from this blog post AND the YouTube video I did. It was creamy and cheesey and strawberry (3.5/5).

Friday, 8 June 2018

Mystique Delicadore Quadratto. Latte, Caramel, Hazelnut and Strawberry Chocolate Review.

These only cost $2.50 (they sell one twice or three times the size for a little more) and I had been eyeing them for months, the packaging is gorgeous and I was excited to try them out.

I was nervous as the flavours, most of them I didn't think I'd like so it was really a gamble.

The first I tried was the Latte chocolate.

It was my least favourite, as I excepted. I don't like coffee overall and I usually don't like coffee flavours either. It wasn't that strong but it wasn't for me. I rate it 1.5/5.

Next was the Caramel chocolate.

I am not a fan much of caramel so this of course was my second least favourite. The flavour was fine overall but I just wasn't loving it. I rate it 2/5.

Next was the Hazelnut chocolate.

I am a fan of hazelnut but I felt the dark chocolate took it over, it would've been better as a milk chocolate I feel anyway. I wasn't crazy about it but I didn't hate it and it was my second favourite. I rate it 2.5/5.

Lastly I tried the Strawberry chocolate.

This one was my favourite of course haha, I am always a fan of strawberry flavours. I didn't LOVE it but compared to the other's it was easy to pick a favourite, it was subtle but the aftertaste I wasn't crazy about. I rate it 3.5/5.

Overall it was an interesting tasting but I wouldn't get them again, as only half the pack I would actually eat and the ones I did like, I didn't LOVE. It was great for the price but I wasn't crazy about any of them. I know people who love chocolate and different flavours would love this pack but for me it's a no. 

Overall rating is 2.5/5.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Tim Hortons. Donut Breakfast Sandwich Review.

It's national donut day and of course Timmies had to do something for it. They decided to put their breakfast sandwich on a donut instead of a bagel or English muffin.

I am not sure how I feel about it. I should've ordered the bacon one not the sausage. I wouldn't get it again as it was too sugary sweet and the warm donut was not really my taste. I thought it was a cool idea and I'm glad I tried it out but meh I'll stick to a bagel. I rate it 2.5/5.