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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Wendy's Chili Review.

I had been avoiding the Wendy' chili all my life, I have heard horror stories and theories about this chili but I finally decided to get it and try it out. I also am not crazy about chili....since I don't like beans haha but I have had a few chili's in my life.

I honestly had been missing out, this is the best chili I have ever's a little spice and a lot of flavour. It' honestly amazing! I am definitely getting it again, especially since the snow and cold are back, I can squeeze in more warm meals of chili. I rate it 4.5/5.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Tim Hortons. Strawberry Dipped Donut & Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin Review.

So Tim Hortons just came out with these strawberry snacks, I decided on the dipped donut and muffin, they also have a filled donut but I hate filled donuts. I am not even crazy about filled muffins like the one I'm doing here for review but I don't hate em like I do filled donuts.

The dipped donut was pretty good, the strawberry glaze was really nice and the donut was just a regular honey dip which is always good, my teeth weren't crazy about this donut but I would get it again and I rate it 3.5/5.

The muffin looked nicer than it tasted to me anyway and the vanilla frosting like filling was good but not in the muffin, it was just a sweetness overload. The muffin itself wasn't bad, it was a whole lot going on though and I think I'll stick to the banana muffins haha. I would consider eating it again but I doubt it. I rate it 2.5/5.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Cashew Dream with Coconut Review.

So I have tried Rice Dream (search it on my blog) and now I'm trying out the Cashew Dream, this one has coconut in it, not a flavour but actual pieces of coconut in it.

I hated it so much, I didn't like the coconut pieces either but the actual flavour was BAD. I have to force myself to drink this since I have two boxes sigh, mistakes were made. I could say it's even worse than the Rice Dream. I would never drink this again I rate it 0/5.

Monday, 25 March 2019

President's Choice. Squash, Kale and Beet Flatbread Review.

I have tried a pizza and one other flatbread of this brand (search my blog for President's Choice) and I was excited to try another one.

This is a squash, kale and beet flatbread, it was rather different to the others. I did not really like it, some bites were fine but most of them were odd tasting I wasn't crazy about the one crumbly cheese they used and I could've done without the beets, it made the flatbread a little too sweet. I likely would not eat it again unless I needed to and I rate it 2.5/5.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

President's Choice. Poutine Bites Review.

I picked these up at the grocery store and I was excited to try them. I like little snacks like this and I do like poutine so I thought I would give them a shot for review.

Well these aren't great to be honest, I like the breading and the cheese but the rest was odd, I wasn't crazy about the texture nor flavour. I don't think I would get them again, I think I will stick to fried cheese or mozzarella sticks lol. I rate these 2/5.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Energizer UE8003 Power Bank Review.

I purchased an Energizer Power Bank at Walmart for about $50. I needed for poor battery life and my upcoming travels and I have not had an extra battery in many years, when I had a Mophie case. You can use this to charge many things that use USB including: music players, smartphones, regular phones, tablets etc.

 The material is smooth and sturdy but feels oddly soft I don’t know how this could be soft but it’s odd to me, my fingers don’t like it lol. 

The booklet didn’t say but online in a video someone stated their bank (of an older model) took almost 9.5 hours to charge, I watched the video to get an idea of how long it would take. I charged mine to full or seemingly full (all 4 dots lit up) and it took 8 hours. 

This bank is said to supply a charge 3 times. Depending on device it is said to take 2-3 hours to charge to 100%.

I love that it can charge two devices at once, I only have one device to charge as of now but it’s a cool feature.

The woman’s video I watched about the power bank said hers died trying to charge two devices at once so she recommended only charging one at a time. I only have one device as I just mentioned but it’s good to keep in mind.

With first charge it took about 2 hours, as expected. 

The following day after my first use, it showed 4 bars instead of the 3 it had yesterday lol, I’m not sure why. 

After second charge it went from 4 bars to 3 bars, as it did the following day. I plan to test it out until it dies, to see how many charges I can get out of it. 

Third charge done there is two bars left.

Fourth charge is done, the box states 3 charges but so far I’ve gotten 4 out of it! Yay! 

After fourth charge there is 1 bar left, let’s see how charged it will be. According to the booklet, one bar is 10-25% if I remember. Update: fourth charge was worth only 9%. 

So that’s the end of my review, I love this power bank. It works well and great for daily use or travels, which is why I bought it in the first place. It cost about $50/60 at Walmart and I think worth the price. I rate it it 8 out of 10. I only wish it could tell me a percent of how much battery it’s storing and I also wish it wasn’t soft in material.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Random Things That Bother Me.

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1. Most artists don't know how double negatives work.

2. The sound of stepping in the snow.

3. The feeling of cotton balls.

4. Odd numbers or number's not ending in a 0.

5. Different coloured socks.

6. When my glasses fog while I'm wearing a scarf or mask.

7. Ringing or vibrating in my ears.

8. I physically cannot blow my nose.

9. Fuckboys.

10. Repeating myself.

11. Inside out pockets.

12. The cold.

13. Hot flashes.

14. My mom's dog.

15. Wasting my time.

16. Things I've done.

17. Thing I didn't do.

18. When pasta is served unmixed with sauce.

19. Juggalos

20. People who only like one genre of music.

21. I don't often have an indoor voice.

22. Bullies and trolls.

23. Rape jokes.

24. Most chocolate foods.

25. How my eyes burn shut when it's bedtime.

26. I get burning cuts around my eyes when I cry.

27. My canine tooth that sticks out of my gums in the front.

28. People bringing up the past.

29. People from my past coming around.

30. My worst and second worst ex boyfriend's.

31. People who hide who they really are.

32. Tiny spoons with long handles.

33. People who approach my front door, potentially dangerous.

34. Barking.

35. When dogs scratch you when they wanna be pet.

36. Food that tastes bad, that I wasted my money on.

37. How it takes so long to cook but 2 seconds to eat.

38. My mental and physical illnesses.

39. People who do gauges in places other than their ears.

40. Being ignored or not listened to.

41. Intrusive thoughts.

42. My eyesight gets worse each year.

43. Teenagers.

44. YouTube's algorithm and how they do ads.

45. Having thin brittle nails.

46. I burn easily in the sun.

47. Weird food combinations.

48. My many phobias.

49. Twitter or Facebook footage that's traumatizing.

50. Children.

51. Bible thumpers

52. Trump supporters.

53. Pro-lifers.

54. Waiting for packages and they don't tell you when, so you sit around all day waiting for it.

55. People who are cocky.

56. Cheesy romantic stuff.

57. Pantyhose makes me red and itchy.

58. I can only lift 12-15lbs.

59. People mistake my green eyes for blue.

60. Brushing my hair, as it's painful to my scalp.

61. I can't run.

62. I've shrunk in height.

63. I have wide and almost flat feet so I can't wear high heels, walk/stand long periods.

64. My gums don't freeze properly and need more needles yet they hate needles.

65. Eating pizza crust last, unless with marinara sauce. (No I don't eat the pizza backwards from crust to tip, I eat the crust then I eat it tip to end.)

66. Over the ear or squishy in the ear headphones.

67. My 4 moles.

68. I'm both sides of the coin.

69. Littering.

70. I'm heavy lidded.

71. Video games with scorpions and spiders in them.

72. Games that constantly need to update.

73. DLC.

74. When someone creates a new social media account to bug me, knowing I blocked them.

75. My poor memory.

76. I get heartburn when I drink "too much".

77. I lost my nice singing voice when puberty hit.

78. Pranks.

79. When someone runs their mouth about something they know nothing of.

80. Hot and sour soup.

81. Needing to pass gas or burp.

82. The water.

83. My poor hand-eye coordination.

84. Unsolicited anything (pics, comments, opinions etc.)

85. The sound of someone scraping ice off their car.

86. People who try to force a sense of humour.

97. The cost of a bottle of booze.

88. I can't forget what I want to forget but I can't remember what I need to remember.

89. The awkward weather when one minute it's too hot for a coat and next minute it's too cold for a sweater.

90. The looks I get when I go into the liquor store.

91. Victim blaming.

92. Hard bristle toothbrushes.

93. How I paint or draw like a 3 year old.

94. Every thing I tried to have a talent in, failed.

95. I don't trust a single living soul.

96. I can't forgive or forget anything and I hold grudges.

97. I can't argue properly, I have to scream..

98. I can only drink maybe 3 kinds of water (not including tap).

99. Having to re-shave, I just wish hair I've shaven would stay gone.

100. Thinking I'm forgetting something.

101. The shape of my nose.

102. When things jiggle even slightly and don't stay plugged in (broken or faulty cords or usb ports).

103. Donuts filled with anything.

104. Foods that stink.

105. Foods that are too spicy to be good tasting.

106. Medical problems as a female.

107. The other me (I hate her).

108. Second-hand smoke (the reason I have a few problems now lol).

109. My short and light coloured lashes.

110. That annoying thing my one brow does.

111. Talent shows (I get crippling anxiety from second-hand embarrassment).

112. Movies.

113. Smoke detectors and car alarms.

114. Windchill and humidity.

115. English words I still struggle to spell.

116. Confrontation.

117. How it's hard to open medication packages knowing I'm too sick and weak to open them.

118. Long socks that are below the knee but longer than crew cut.

119. When you can't shake somebody you need to shake.

120. How expensive feminine products are.

121. How criminals never get the time they deserve.

123. People getting imprisoned over marijuana charges.

125. Bigots.

126. Any type of phobics.

130. People who don't know how to drive.

131. Roundabouts.

132. My hair.

133. The idea of marriage.

134. Pulp in orange juice.

135. My teeth.

136. My constant thought about death.

137. Un-shoveled sidewalks.

138. My learning disability, I struggle with retaining information.

139. My small upper lip.

140. How dry and cracked my lips usually are.

141. When people only hit me up when they need something or on their accord.

142. OLG commercials that I see multiples time a day every day.

143. Certain fads.

144. The unknown.

145. How impatient I am.

146. How posters curl off the walls in the middle of the night.

147. Deadbeats parents, knowing their children need help.

148. Medical personnel.

149. Needles.

150. Too much body hair.

151. Balls.

152. Certain smells (maple, gasoline etc).

153. I'm extremely fickle.

154. Rude customer service reps or secretaries.

155. Gross cheeses (blue cheese, goat cheese etc).

156. How impatient I am.

157. Scabs.

158. Those plastic clips for garter belts.

159. Certain fabrics (silk, velvet, latex and satin).

160. How I've never had a doctor who wasn't always running late.

161. When they use too big a speculum.

162. Little things that are off centered or seemingly "wrong".

163. I can't blow bubbles with gum.

164. I can't whistle.

165. I can't blow up balloons.

167. Pointless battles between things that don't matter (xbox vs playstation, darkskin vs lightskin, android vs apple etc.)

168. How the less fabric on lingerie the more expensive it is.

169. How sizing is all over the place and I wear a million different sizes.

170. People who go through many years of education to hate what they do so they take it out on others (doctors, nurses, teachers etc).

171. How white shoes never stay white.

172. How my teeth are too crowded together to floss properly.

173. How most lip balm makes my lips worse.

174. Snoring.

175. Bad habits (I or others do).

176. Bad or careless parents.

178. How children handle animals.

179. Hot drink.

180. How my pinkies stick out when I type.

182. Papercuts.

183. Having sharp dog hairs stuck in the bottom of your foot.

184. Feeling a hair in your throat.

185. How Snapchat has to notify me when someone is typing, knowing I don't care.

186. Public bathrooms.

187. How non-drowsy medication makes me still drowsy.

188. The banging cats make when they use the litter box.

189. Chores.

190. Carrying groceries home.

191. Small forks.

192. When people crack their knuckles.

193. People trying to force their lives or beliefs on you.

194. Picky eaters.

195. How often people misspell my last name.

196. How I can't un-clench my teeth when I sleep.

197. Acne.

198. Not being ambidextrous.

199. The smell of Value Village coat hangers.

200. Temperatures colder than 14C or more than 28C.

Senior Batonio. Italian Crackers Review.

So I am always looking for new foods at the dollar store, I had never tried these before so I grabbed them.

I'm not usually a cracker person but I do like Italian crackers. These are dry as they look and the flavour is just subtle, they taste like dollar store crackers. I don't know if I would get them again but they are okay to snack on if you have to. I rate them 2.5/5.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Rice Dream Review.

So I was told Rice Dream was a good alternative to dairy milk, so I thought I'd finally try it out after years of putting it off. I was hoping for a vanilla but they only had original at the store.

So it's bad, it literally tastes like you're drinking wet rice. I force myself to drink it now, as to not waste but I would never buy or drink it again. I rate it 0/5.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

My Jacksepticeye Vines 7.

1. LMAO! I'm dead.

2. NOOOOO!! That look at the end! JACK! Lol!! 

3. This is how I feel about Jungkook, minus the babies lol.

4. I often wanna do this to people.

5. How I feel about life.

Youtiao Review.

I saw these youtiao at the grocery store, they are labelled as long Chinese donuts. I had never seen them before so I thought I'd try them out, I got a pack of 6 pairs for 5 dollars.

These are very bland, almost completely flavourless and I wasn't all that thrilled about them. I didn't know what to eat them with but I know they would taste better with other things.

I had tried them 1. on their own, 2. with chicken noodle soup and 3. with Nutella. I found of course the Nutella the best option, as these may be almost flavourless, they do have a very light sweet flavour. You could try this out with different things like powered sugar, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, tea or even coffee. I read a lot of people eat it with their tea or coffee or even rice porridge.

Overall I didn't like them, I found them too moist and the lack of flavour was saddening to me. I'm sure you're not to enjoy them plain or maybe these ones were just not made well. I wouldn't eat them again, I have been stuffing my face with them to get rid of them of course but I'm tired of them already haha. I rate them 1/5. I would've said 0 but the concept is cool.

Monday, 4 March 2019

President's Choice. Potato and Bacon Flatbread Review.

I have tried a President's Choice flatbread once before (search president's choice on my blog) and I thought I'd try out another kind. This is potato and bacon, which I was nervous but excited for, I do like potato bacon things.

The crust was bland and I didn't really like it and the rest of the flatbread was not awful but not good. It's a bit odd something on it doesnt work, maybe the cheese or the bacon. I don't think I'd eat it again. I also wish these flatbread's didn't get ice cold in 3 minutes. I rate this one 1.5/5.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Quote Of The Day #100.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."  – Jim Rohn

Oreo Thins Bites. Fudge Dipped Coconut Creme Cookies Review.

I have reviewed these thin bites in mint on my blog (search oreo) and I was excited to see they had another flavour (I did not bother getting the regular kind, as I know what regular oreos taste like) which is the coconut.

These actually taste "pretty good", not as good as the mint though. I mean it's certainly different than I'm used to as I've never had a regular coconut oreo (I don't even know if they make them I haven't looked), though I'm not sure if I would get them again and I rate them 3/5.