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Monday, 28 August 2017

Grama's Kitchen. Cream Of Chicken Soup Review.

So this trip to Angel's was the cheapest it's ever been. I was not hungry when I went so I just ordered a soup and a drink. I didn't want the other soup they had that day (cabbage roll soup) so I settled for the cream of chicken. It was an interesting colour and texture, though the more I ate it the better I felt it tasted. I was not crazy about it but I would order it again if I wanted soup but not the other options at said time. I rate it 3/5 I didn't want to give it a 3 but I didn't want to give it a 2.5 lol.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Word Of The Day #76.


Cavernous adj. Resembling a cavern, as in depth, vastness, or effect: a cavernous hole; cavernous echoes.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Grama's Kitchen. Pepper Steak, Mashed and Coleslaw Review.

So I had never tried their steak and decided on the pepper steak. I found the dish wasn't even that warm...I was kinda disappointing how lukewarm the meat was. My bff got lasagna and was burning her mouth hahaha. 

I did like the mashed as always, the steak was fine and the sauce was lackluster...I wasn't crazy about it,it.. 

The coleslaw though was soupy and really sweet...not too sweet just sweeter than usual...idk why it was soupy....I have NEVER seen coleslaw that was soupy. 

I rate the slaw 1.5/5 and the pepper steak 2.5/5. I was not crazy about it and there was nothing pepper about it really, besides the green pepper on the was okay, the mushrooms were the only really good part lmao.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review.

**I received this item complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes* 

Okay, so I'm kind of annoyed I was not able to pick the colour of mascara. I know black goes with any eye colour, including my green eyes but blackest black I did not need. I am unhappy the brush is straight and not curved. I did not like how it smudged against my skin a lot and I found it dried out my lashes. I have very thin, very delicate, very light lashes and this sure darkened my lashes and did make them longer but it clumped and it wasn't voluminous to my lashes in a nice way, it made them spread and I found even with an extra coat, it just looked and felt even more dry and odd. I have cheaper non brand name mascaras that have done better for me. So I would not purchase this product or use again. I did let my sister try it as well and we have similar lash types but hers are more full and it did better for her but she also commented about the clumping and how it just didn't do anything special for her, yet worked better for her than for I. Neither of us overall thought great of it, I disliked it more for sure and since she doesn't want it nor do I, will be giving it to my BFF whom is of a different race and could have different lashes, that could work better with this mascara. I had to give it a 2 because it wasn't anti smudge, wasn't MEGA anything and I didn't care for it on my lashes. My lashes are so stiff and bristle like now and the longer I wear it. I rate it 2/5.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Rye and Sprite. Drink Review.

So, I have never had a Rye and Sprite either because I've never been a Rye person. I decided to try it out (as this one and the last drink, were recommended to me). It was strong, I was told stronger this time than it's supposed to be. I'm not into the Rye at all....I was drinking it now obviously cause you can't waste it and because I had this drink after my last so I was getting warm and needed more booze. I would not get this again for sure, I rate it 1.5/5. (I am open to trying drinks I've never had though I also like my favourites: screwdriver, rum and coke..or rootbeer lol, rum and oj etc. but I am a bigger fan of frozen cocktails tbh).

Sex On The Beach. Drink Review.

Okay, so I have to admit I have gone this long without trying the Sex On The Beach drink. I normally stick to what I know I like when I drink. It was interesting, I wasn't crazy about it but it was kinda sweet kinda tart. For those who don't know what this drink is, it's: Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice (but there are different variations of it). I could really taste the cranberry juice most and than probably the vodka next. I don't know if I would get it again, I rate it 2.5/5.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Snak Man Doo. Butter Chicken and General Tao Review.

So we grabbed up two of the 4 Snack Man Doo products, I will purchase the other two another time and review them in another post.

Let's take a look at the Butter Chicken. I am not crazy about Butter Chicken but my sister is and wanted to try them out. They are GOOD, we though found there wasn't much filling in a lot of the bites but we would still eat them and purchase them again. My rating of the Butter Chicken bites are 3.5/5.

Now the General Tao we grabbed up as I usually love General Tao, especially with broccoli at a place called China China Palace in Mississauga but I like the broccoli in the spicy sauce more than the actual chicken LMAO! Anyway I liked these ones as well and damn were they spicy! Lol! I would eat them again but unsure if I would purchase them again. I rate them 3/5.

So overall I am pleased, I originally thought I was just a little bummed they cost 6 bucks LOL but 30 pieces come in the box and that's pretty good, though I still struggle to buy expensive foods if I eat them quick. I am still willing to purchase the other two and try them out, if there's one I really really like I will probably purchase a million times. Here I come payday! Grab more Snak Man Doo. I also love the packaging, so cool.

Word Of The Day #75.


Impugn tr.v. To attack as false or questionable; challenge in argument: “To impugn a political opponent’s record.”

My First Time At Figaro's Pizza Review.

So I was out running errands and since I didn't feel like Mr Bowen's again (for the third time LMAO) I went over to Figaro's Pizza. It was kinda late so my review is based on 8pm.

I grabbed a slice of veggie, huge slice cut in half for 3 bucks. It was kinda overdone and I wasn't able to chew the crust BUT despite all that, most of the bites of the pizza were soooo good, some of them were meh but it was overall a good first time. I rate it 3.5/5. I  wanna try one with meat next time.

I would go again, maybe earlier in the day LOL! Food is usually nicer then anyway lmao.  I also think slices sitting out always taste as such, I might order a small pizza...I just wish I had someone to eat it with, I couldn't stomach a small pizza cause of my digestive disorder and being lactose intolerant haha hunger wise and glutton wise I could lol!

Aero White Chocolate Bar Review.

So I decided I have tried out a few aero bars but not yet the white one. It was okay, I felt with the white on the inside, it was a bit much. It was so crumbly too like goodness always disinagrated in my hand LMAO. It was okay, I wasn't crazy about it to be honest and I don't think I would buy it again but I would take it if offered. I rate it 3/5 lol I didn't wanna say 2.5 but didn't wanna say 3 but the milk chocolate was still great.

President's Choice. Chicken Pad Thai Review.

Okay, so I have tried the other President's Choice dishes, why can't I recall what it is? I swore I did it for the blog but I searched President's Choice and nothing else came up.....I'm not sure.

Anyway, I tried out the chicken Pad Thai. It had some weird crunchy shit on it, YUCK YUCK YUCK. It completely ruined the whole dish and I ended up wasting it. It was not good. The rest was good the crunchy bits literally....NOPE. I rate it (with the crunchy shit) 1/5 and (without the crunchy shit) 3/5. Never get it again.

Friday, 11 August 2017

KFC Kream Ball Review.

So I finally FINALLY got around to trying the Kream Ball. It literally has been out for a few years now hahaha. I have never had KFC ice cream before, period lol. This is a sundae in a bowl LOL basically. Though I got the strawberry shortcake one and I had no idea until the bottom there were cake pieces in it LOL I mean it makes sense, I just assumed they called it that cause it was a strawberry sundae. I didn't love the cookie pieces but the rest was nice. I would get it again if I was in the mood for ice cream but me being lactose intolerant, it was tough to get through hahaha. I rate it 3/5. It was nothing special overall but it was pretty good.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Word Of The Day #74.


Attrition n. 1. A gradual, natural reduction in membership or personnel, as through retirement, resignation, or death. 2. A gradual diminution in number or strength. “The company’s attrition rate was quite high.”

Thursday, 3 August 2017

President's Choice. Cashew Chicken Review.

I grabbed two PC frozen entrees (I think they are both PC I don't recall I will have to look), I tried out yesterday the cashew chicken. I liked the dish but of course needed more chicken and the cashews were so bland and clashed poorly with the rest of the dish, I felt there wasn't enough sauce but it tasted great, the rice was kinda sticky and good. I don't like how I had the rice on the side like I get it but I'm also lazy hahahaha. I had to eat the cashews first, they were def. my least favourite part of the dish. I rate it (with cashews) 2.5/5 and (without the cashews) 3.5/5.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My First Time At Mr. Bowens. Review.

Okay, I have seen reviews for this place and a lot of people are meh about it and a lot of people really love it. I LOVED IT!

For a long time, it was Mary Brown's beside the Baskin Robbins but today I realized it wasn't and I have no idea how long have I been mistaken?! me, it was like some mandala affect....

ANYWAY, I decided to go in and pick up the Toonie Tuesday special it cost a little over 3 bucks lol. I fell in love with these diner-style fries and that chicken OH MY GOODNESS! These are hands down my second favourite fried chicken (next to quik chik) YES YES YES! I am dying to go again, I need more food. I did though find as leftovers, it wasn't that good. The service was so quick and so friendly, I cannot wait to go again. I rate the fries 4/5 and the chicken 5/5. YES YES YES!

UPDATE: I have recently purchased their macaroni salad, so I thought I would share it and a quick review. 

I'm a fan of macaroni salad but I'm always nervous about the ones that have too much vinegar in them. This one was not vingary much at all, I just feel it the pasta was overcooked and it could've been seasoned a bit more. I would get it again as I don't like the other two sides much. I rate it 3/5.

CP. Authentic Asia. Shrimp Wonton Soup with Noodles Review.

So I tried this out, I'm normally having the other wonton soup, not with shrimp. I found this tasted a lot like Mr. Noodles but more bland and less flavour, there literally had very tiny amount of flavour and the shrimp themselves were certainly not salted, or enough. I wouldn't get it again I rate it 2.5/5.

My Jacksepticeye Vines 5.

1. I too love a man who's great with his hands LMAO! That's why I go for musicians *COUGH COUGH!

2. Awwww even a funny dad can be sensitive and cry sometimes.

3. LOL! WORLDSTAR! Jack is about to throw down!

4. LMAO puns for days! Jeeeez Jack, thirsty?!

5. I'm in love with his laugh.....

6. Hoping he accidentally swipes and you can see a dick pic.

7. LMAO! Jack! The woods is a good place to fuck :p.

8. I'd never be disappointed to meet you xo.

9. Hoping my crush would say the same....LOL!

10. That look he gave the camera SIGH! LOL! The thirst is real Jack! hahaha!

11. This is my new favourite reaction clip LOL! Literally me right now!

12. I ship crack sooo much LMAO! Legit! Jack is so smitten with Craig lmao forreal!

13. Legit, every time he eyes the camera like that.....I'm deceased lmao!

14. Hmmm, was hoping to meet my crush later on down the road for all that...XD, time will tell huh?

15. Awwwwww Jack!! You are so cute!! I actually tear up when I replay this clip lol!

16. Is it me?! LMAO! I'm sorry, I will show myself out... 

17. I do appreciate what you're doing for me ;) LMAO! I'm so sorry...XD.

18. Hahahaha you two I swear kill me hahahahaha I'm done.

19. I honestly feel this way about you Jack, you do make me want to be a better person :).

20. When you want him to notice your unnoticed boner.

21. I ship them sooo hard! Crack for life!!

22. LMAO! Just how serious he looks at the camera hahahahaha I died!

23. Hm, my body is confused...I'm not sure how to react to this. LOL!

24. go from feeling like friends to feeling really sexual, so it makes things shy and awkward lol! I know this well...XD.

25. LMAO I'M DECEASED! Pack it up folks! Shows over! Put me in a casket and sail me down the river.

26. Ya, funny how real this is lol. 

27. When he spanks you too hard.

28. Jack knows I'm always here to expose him and his innuendos XD. Sorry Jack, you can't escape me.

29. This is me legit lol!

30. LMAO I'm sorry! Hahahaha! I wanted to make this a lot worse but I couldn't find the clip I wanted sigh...I'm bummed but this was still pretty funny to me at least lol.

31. Jack shouted me out during his live-stream as I sponsored him.

32. Holy cow....that's what he said...... *I'm blushing as red as a tomato* Teehee!

33. LOL I love how salty Jack got. Cute!!!!

34. I literally re-played this part 3/4 times LOL! I loved it! Jack's reaction was the best!

35. Literally no fucking words LMAO except "Me too Jack! Hi5!" LMAO!!!

36. Awwww too many feels Jack! I could cry :'). Protect him at all costs.

37. ‪Literally Jack......this was not safe not only for work but for at home...this was so filthy....I’m legit red in face and crying haha. I loved it too much. Oh jeez....🙈.‬

38. Oooh this is usually me around him :3 lol.

39. I thought about Signe when I heard this.


41. Jack singing sets my soul on fire...sigh.

42. I love these times in life.

43. Awww thank you Jack, I needed this :).

44. Oops! My hand slipped and fell into the trash. I am so sorry, I'm thirsty as fuck....I need lemonade...a whole pitcher.... *hides face*

45. This is literally me when Jack notices me....well more screaming and a higher pitch "Eeeeee!"....also don't forget the dancing and the crying LOL! But!

46. When fuckboys say they aren't fuckboys; I develop a cold.

47. LMAO Jack is toooo hype about that minigun, makes me blush!

 48. Ouch Jack Ouch! Don't say that! Don't do it either! >_<

 49. Aw I'd die if he called me babydoll. Sigh!

50. Lol this is literally me when I write my fanfics!

51. Get It Up ;) lmao! Ryan Reynolds Vs Chris Pratt.

52. Yes I was in fact wet. LOL!

53. When she know you what that throat do LMAO!

54. When she's freakier than you thought.

 55. This is actually me....sigh.

56. This.........

57. Awww poor Jack, I wonder how many times he's actually done this.

58. My soul is on fire....oh teehee. I'm sinning again...oops!

59. This applies to so much of my life.

60. I giggled like a schoolgirl.

61. This.....just.....this. Oh boy I'm trash.

62. This made me screech.....I'm so sorry. Sigh.

63. When you're trying to get pregnant. 

64. Wooo!! Dead.

65. I as well need a sip to cool down! Dammit Jack....gunna kill us.