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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Green Giant. Cheddar and Bacon Mashed Cauliflower Review.


This tastes really good and I don't love cauliflower, I love the addition of the bacon and if you stirred it enough it thickens up a bit. I do wish it was thicker but I'd get it again for sure, I rate it 4/5.

Friday, 30 July 2021

Grama's Kitchen. Angels Breakfast Wrap Review.


I had a breakfast wrap from another restaurant yesterday and today I'm having one from Angel's Diner. I have done a few reviews from this restaurant (search them on my blog) and it was time for a new one since the last one was 2 years ago.

This breakfast wrap has eggs, bacon, tomato, peppers, ham and cheese. The cheese was so stringy and good, all the fillings were good and fresh but the egg was my least favourite part, I think it's just a personal feeling and nothing wrong with the dish. this wrap was just an omelette in a tortilla haha. I think it's a good thick hearty wrap for the price of I think 13 bucks, it also comes with a side and I got fruit (they always skimp on the fruit). I would consider getting it again despite the kinda steep price but I get it fruit is expensive and it was a heavy wrap and I rate it 4/5.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Cafe Pyrus. Breakfast Wrap, Vanilla Shake and Mango Coconut Muffin Review.


I have been to their restaurant before but not done a review. This time I got a breakfast wrap, vanilla shake and mango coconut muffin. This is a restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options, I am neither but I enjoy food so I'm never hesitant to try some for review.

The wrap I got had tofu scramble with peppers, onions, mushrooms and carrots, as well as tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli (I got mine without avocado). This wrap was delicious for the most part, some bites I wasn't crazy about but overall was really good. I didn't taste the onion or carrots but I loved this wrap, it was 8 bucks and a little pricey for the serving size but was worth every dime. I would get it again and again and I rate it 4.5/5.

I got a vanilla shake and I was happy because I can't drink regular shakes so I avoid them but this shake had bananas, almond milk and vanilla syrup, it was a really nice shake for 5 bucks and tasted like banana bread, I'd consider getting it again and I rate it 4/5.

Lastly I got a mango coconut muffin. This was terrible, it was dry and had the texture of wood shavings, I couldn't really taste a flavour. It was almost 4 bucks and I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 0/5.

I have yet to find more good vegan baked good, I have tried a banana bread or muffin from them that was pretty good and a croissant that I also liked but this muffin was not it. I have also tried other vegan bakeries and cafes that did baked goods and cupcakes etc. that I also didn't like but I'm on the hunt.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Michelina's. Cheese Pizza Review.

I'm a lover of frozen pizzas and I have thought microwave ones were alright, so when I saw this brand now does a frozen pizza I wanted to try it for review.

This was a basic  pizza nothing to write home about but tastes fair though looks weird. I don't think I'd get it again but I'd eat it again if offered and I rate it 3/5.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Dr. Oetker. Momenti. Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza Review.


I've been on a roll with this brand, I'm on the hunt to try all their pizzas that I can (search them on my blog) and this time I'm doing a momenti pizza that's tomato and mozzarella. 

This was a delicious pizza but it's still my least favourite crust out of the other crusts by this brand. I would get it again and I rate it 4/5.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Irresistibles. Bruschetta Flatbread Pizza Review.

I have tried one other flatbread from this brand (search it on my blog) and this time I'm trying the bruschetta.

This was a fail, it was so soggy and weird in the middle due to the soaked through tomatoes on top. It was not as good as the other one of course and I wouldn't get this one again, I rate it 2.5/5.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

President's Choice. Beef and Broccoli Review.


I have tried quite a while items from this brand (search it on my blog) and today I'm doing the beef and broccoli.

This was a lovely dish minus the sauce, that I didn't like. I don't know if I'd buy it again, it would depend on how much I wanted beef and broccoli but I would eat it again if offered and I rate it 3.5/5.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Dr. Oetker. Momenti. Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza.


I've done some reviews from this brand (search it on my blog) and I'm on the hunt for more, today's is a momenti pepperoni pizza. I had already done a momenti pizza, so I was excited to try out this one.

This was a pretty good pizza but nothing to write home about. Looks a little sad but tastes better than it looked. I think I'd need at least two but overall was good and I'd get it again and I rate it 3.5/5.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Crave. Sweet and Tangy Pork with Spicy Sweet Potatoes Review.


I have done quite a few items from this brand (search it on my blog) and this time I'm doing the pork with spicy sweet potatoes.

This was a tasty mildly spicy dish that I enjoyed. It doesn't look great but flavourwise it's nice and I like the pork more than the sweet potatoes but those were nice and the sauce was pretty good too. I'd eat it again and I rate it 3.5/5.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Sugar High Candies. Product and Website Review.


I was sent a link to this site and when I saw they did pick and mix bags I went a little crazy LOL this is what I picked:

I chose 9 candy options: blue raz, blue sharks, peachy penguins, green frogs, juice berries, sour juice berries, pineapple slices, sour mangos, puzzles pieces. They have so many options to choose from but these were the ones I got.

This is a breakdown of my order:

I am unsure why shipping is free but I am not questioning it :), I'm glad I didnt make this purchase the day before, as I did a mock up order to check out prices and I had to pay shipping then, I'm unsure now but I'm happy.

I placed my order July 11th and I am unsure how long it will take for delivery, their website doesn't seem to state anything but maybe I will be given an idea via email, if not I'm gunna get a few business days, similar to the last candy website I ordered from.

Today is now July 12th and it arrived at 11pm to my door, it was rather uncomfortable for me at this hour, I was luckily awake and they found the house fine. They were very polite and the exchange went well. I don't know how professional it is to get my order so late at night but they did travel fairly far I believe. Despite this weird event, this is the fastest delivery I've ever received, I was expecting a few days but that was awesome.

This is what I received: 

I got these as well as two free mini laffy taffy, cute. 

I didn't like the texture of the puzzle pieces but they tasted good, the mangoes were not that good and didn't taste like mango, any of the berries I didn't really like the flavours of or the texture of the sour ones and the frogs were a little off tasting compared to other ones I've had, maybe a different fruit flavour I'm not sure.

The sharks and the penguins were the only two I liked both the flavour and textures of, so 3 items in the bag were worth getting the rest I did not like.

Overall I am fairly happy with my purchase. It'll take me a while to get through these, maybe I'll get help haha.  I rate the overall candy experience 3/5 and their company/website experience a 4/5.

Update: it took me a month to eat all the candy LOL, even with some help, I'm tired of candy for a while.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Bake City. Cookie + Keto. Chocolate Chip Cookie Review.


I've been doing a few of these reviews lately from this brand (search it on my blog) and this time I'm trying the chocolate chip cookie.

This was bad, the worst chocolate chip cookie I've ever eaten and the texture threw me off like some kind of soft clay. I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 0/5.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Big Daddy. Oatmeal Cookie Review.


I have done two other reviews from this brand (search it on my blog) and today I'm doing the oatmeal cookie.

This was certainly missing the raisins but it was still a pretty good cookie. I think I'll stick to other brands and with raisins. I wouldn't get it again but I'd eat it again and I rate it 3/5.

Friday, 9 July 2021

McSweeney's. Pep'N Ched. Pepperoni and Cheese Review.


I have had another item from this brand (search it on my blog) and today I'm trying out the pep'n ched for review.

This was disgusting, both of them. I barely stomached them, I wanted to throw up and these were the worst meat and cheese snacks I've ever had. I wouldn't get them again and I rate them both 0/5.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Pride Palace. Pride Clothing and Website Review.


I see their ads and posts all over social media, they are doing sales on flags and BOGO shirts. I had a family member buy us some flags but today I'm doing the BOGO shirts sale.

I went onto their site and the top of the page claims you need to buy two shirts to get a free one but when playing around with my cart you just need to purchase one shirt to get the second one free, they probably need to update that.

These are the two shirts I purchased, they sadly have no size chart that I could find, so I just picked medium and hope for the best.

This is the breakdown of my cart:

I made this purchase today June 21st 2021, they said shipping would take 9-12 business days for those in certain countries, please check their FAQs for more information. You will also be given a tracking number once items have been shipped.

It's now June 23rd and I got email and text that my package has shipped, so I should get it between July 6th and July 9th.

Today is July 7th and my items have arrived:

The first tank is what I ordered by the second one is not, the material, style and placement of text is incorrect but I got it for free so I'll just keep it.

I'm sad that neither of these fit great in the armpit area and the second one is almost long enough to be a dress haha. I should've ordered an S for both but again I didn't see a size chart so I wasn't sure, also the ads didn't state unisex but I should've guessed they were, silly me the sizing issue was my fault.

These shirts are of a fair quality but look nice overall but I'm not sure they are worth the price.

Overall I feel okay with the items I got but I don't know if I'd buy from them again, I rate the items 3.5/5 and the whole shopping experience a 3.5/5 as well, they were a bit over priced for what I got and converting it to CAD was costly overall. It was nice to try for review but again I don't think I'd buy from them again.

Monday, 5 July 2021

President's Choice. Apple Crisp Review.


I'm a lover of apple crisp, sorry I didn't get another shot but I knew I had to try this out for review as this brand is often a a hit but the occasional miss, we shall see.

This was my least favourite apple crisp that I've ever eaten, something was off about it, it might've been the apples but I'm not sure. I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 2.5/5

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Irresistibles. Chicken Pad Thai Review.


I have done a few reviews from this brand (search them on my blog) and this time I'm doing a chicken paid Thai.

This was not a good pad Thai, it tasted off and only the chicken was the good part; the sauce was probably what threw it off. This has been I think the worst pad Thai, don't quote me on it haha. I wouldn't get it again and I rate it 2.5/5.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Haribo. Sour Streamers Gummy Candy Review.


This is my last Haribo review for a while, I have done quite a few (search them on my blog) and this time I'm doing these sour streamers.

They are SOUR well for me, I'm sensitive haha. The orange one was the most sour, then green, then blue then red. They are all really nice flavours but orange of course was my least favourite, I'm so happy though that the green one isn't lime. I'd be careful eating these, too many and you'd likely get a canker sore. I don't think I'd get them again but they are really nice overall and I rate them 4/5.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Haribo. Squidgy Strawbs Gummy Candy Review.


I've done some other reviews from this brand (search them on my blog) and today I'm trying these gummy strawberries, also called squidgy strawbs.

These have a subtle strawberry flavour, I think it needs more sugar but tastes alright. I don't really like them but they aren't too bad, I'd probably not get them again but I rate them 3/5.