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Monday, 29 May 2017

Michelina's Signature. General Tso's Chicken Review.

So I love general tso's chicken, there was one place I died for it, it came in a different sauce and it was amazing with the broccoli. This sauce was alright, spicy as fuck but different kind of sauce, the chicken was okay, could've been more chicken but it was overall a pretty good dish. It wasn't my favourite but for a frozen dinner it was alright. I rate it 3/5.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Quick Sandwiches. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Review.

So my brother-in-law ordered food from Quick Sandwiches. He didn't end up finishing his sandwich so I got the other half. BBW pulled pork with: cheese, green pepper, tomatoes and lettuce. I was over the moon (I am every time someone gives me food they don't want anymore LOL WOOO) and I was really hungry hahaha but I did like it, I mean for what it is haha BBQ pulled pork, I liked this one more than the one they have at Tim Hortons. I had never had it with green pepper, tomatoes and lettuce on it before but I felt it really added to the sandwich. The bread itself was a little tough but I didn't eat this as warm or fresh as it could've been, it's been like an hour or two since purchase haha but who's complaining?! I love food! Lol! I rate it 3.5/5 and to be honest, without the other toppings I would've knocked off a point or half a point haha.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Smirnoff White Sangria Review.

So I had reviewed the red sangria giving it a 2.5/5 and I was nervous to try this one, the smell was really citrus-y and it is hahahaa. I love this one compared to the other one, I don't LOVE LOVE this but it's good kinda like a citrus alcoholic 7up ginger ale combo LOL I do really like it, it's a little bitter for me though hahaha I rate it 3.5/5. I would drink this on a hot summers day YUP. I'd give it a 4/5 but it's a little too tart and I'm not up for adding my own sugar hahahaha, though I don't doubt there's a shit tone of sugar already in it. xD.

Smirnoff Red Sangria Review.

Okay sooooooooo I was hesitant to try these, I'm not a huge sangria person. I grabbed one red and one white. I first grabbed the red, I had a feeling I wouldn't like it as much as the white so I tried it first. Hmmmm I didn't like it really, hmmm I also felt it was as alcoholic....Idk it was more like a weird wine punch mixed with a million things XD I wasn't feeling the flavour, I mean if it was offered and nothing else there I'd like, I'd grab it otherwise no haha. I rate it 2.5/5.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

King's Buffet. Piña Colada Drink Review.

So I love their strawberry daiquiri and their mango mango, so I grabbed this time a Piña Colada. It was too coconutty and a strong toss up between fake and real coconut was okay XD I don't think I would order it again. I rate it 2.5/5.

Vincenzo's Cannoli Review.

So this was my first cannoli and OH NO, I really didn't like it...I didn't even end up finishing it and I gave the second one away...legit. I cried XD I'm not a fan in the slightest...sigh. I will stick to cream horns, banana ones mmmmm. LOL! I rate these 1/5.

Word Of The Day #69


adj. 1. Careless and irresponsible. “The kids were feckless during spring break.” 2. Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective – unlikely to be successful. “It was a feckless attempt to make the company a success.”

Monday, 22 May 2017

A&W Grilled Chicken Deluxe Burger and Sweet Potato Fries Review.

So I had never tried their grilled chicken before and I decided to this time. So it seemed there was a glaze on the chicken and then there was a cream sauce of some kind like a mayo; there was tomatoes, lettuce and pickles on it. I did not think the pickles fit the burger but I loved them. The tomatoes and lettuce were great to the burger BUT I did not like the bread, it had little seeds in it (can't recall the name of them but I was not feeling them at all.) and it was just not a bread I liked for a burger, would've been better off on a sandwich sandwich. The chicken itsself was GOOD! Oh yes yes yes!!! Lol! The chicken itself was 4/5 but on the mediocre sandwich, it was down lol I give the burger 3/5  would've given it a 3.5 but the pickles further downed it.

This was the first time I properly had sweet potato fries, before I took a bite of one I don't recall much about it. I decided to grab my own serving and dig in. I found them  really really good at the start and I'm like "why do I ever eat regular fries?!" LOL! The more I ate them the more I was like meh about them, they became too sweet for my liking, so I did add salt but at this point I was like "it's still too sweet" so I gave up and gave them away haha. I rate them sigh I dont wanan say 2.5/5 but I dont wanan say 3 XD ok ok ok ok 3/5.

My First Time At Dennys Review.

So all this food cost 11 bucks WOOO! Lol! So this was my first time going to Denny's and these pancakes were okay until the end it was gross tasting and the aftertaste was AWFUL. The saddest pancakes I have ever had. I swear I was hoping Denny's did a good pancake but NOPE. So sad. I rate them 1.5/5.

The egg whites were pretty good for what they were :D they were buttery and nice, I might preferred them a little more dense but I was happy with them. I rate them 3/5.

The bacon was sooo good haha legit, not too chewy and not too tough. 4/5.

The seasonal fruit was not what I wanted, like it was such an odd mix of fruits: cantaloupe, grapes and apples. The cantaloupe was overripe sigh, which happened to be my fav. fruit of the bowl, so sad. I don't care for apples that much overall, unless dipped in peanut butter. 3.5/5.

And lastly the toast, it was so lightly buttered I was under the assumption there wasn't any hahaha legit and it was certainly overdone on the crust smh. I rate them 3/5.

The service was good and I would go again to try their other menu items but never again those buttermilk pancakes SO SAD.

A&W Double Buddy Burger Review.

So this sweet older gentleman at the pharmacy said the buddy burgers were really good. I had grabbed one because I went into the A&W and I of course felt so guilty using the bathroom and not buying a thing haha, so I did. The double buddy burger was $3.10 with tax..ouch. They had some fried onions on the burger, NOT GOOD yuck yuck the smell of the onions was unappealing sigh. I love fried onions but these were bad. The rest of the burger was fine but the taste and smell of the onions really really threw it off. If I got it again I'd say no onions but the price was steeep lmao! I rate it AHHH I don't wann say 2.5 but I don't wanna say 3 xD.

Chips Ahoy! S'mores Cookies Review.

So I decided to give these a try, I like Chips Ahoy! and I like smores lol. I think they look a little pale haha, the flavour was meh okay haha, kinda disappointing to what I thought. Like they weren't that bad but they sound better than they taste. I rate them 3/5.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Lindt Swiss Classic. Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar Review.

So this was my first time having a swiss classic bar from Lindt, this was my first time also having a chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts in it lol and WOW it's really rich, I love this bar! A little bit goes a long but that means it lasts longer. I really did like this bar, it wasn't my favourite bar but I did enjoy it, there is a lot of chocolate in this bar, nice size and for the price of 1.88 WOW! LOL! I rate it 3.5/5. I would give it a 4 but idk....

Word Of The Day #68.


Capricious adj.  Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable. “He’s such a capricious boss I never know how he’ll react.”

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dolly Madison Bakery. Zingers Review.

SOOO THESE KNOCK OFF TWINKIES ARE THE WORST. Ok.......sigh they are just very very sad, the flavour of the cake is B A D sigh, if I was starving I would eat this.....sigh. The icing was meh but this was so so very sad. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN. Like it wasn't a gross taste but it was a dissapointing taste, I don't even love the real twinkies all that much but this was a poor excuse. I rate them 1/5.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Rustica Tostada Bruschettas Review.

OKAY NO. These are really really bad crackers SIGH. Legit open the bag and it smells like plastic mixed with gasoline. The crackers tasted not good either, the first one was skunky YUCK and the ones to follow were stale tasting and bland like they were not good. The longer they sat open, the better they tasted KINDA hahaha still stale and sad. I mean you could eat these if you were really hungry, like had the munchies or had nothing NOTHING else to eat LOL! These were the worst. I rate them 1/5. I got them at the dollar store you better believe they are NOT worth a dollar.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Word Of The Day #67.


Acerbic adj. Sharp or biting, as in character or expression. “The director occasionally allowed an acerbic tone to an otherwise subtle dialogue.”

Monday, 1 May 2017

Subway. Italian BMT Panini Review.

Sooooo I had a coupon for their new panini's. I decided on the Italian BMT bacon meat tomato. I had a greattttt coupon that was a free panini with any drink purchase so I grabbed a blue gatorade (haha the only flavour I like besides orange). I legit paid $2.30 and got a sandwich and a drink woooo :D! So the panini was great BUT the bread, it was so bland and dry sigh so sad...I felt it threw off a lot of the sandwich. I would not get one again I think, I even said I could season the bread with my tears and it would taste better LOL! I would get the Italian BMT again but not on panini, I really liked it but the bland bread was a deal breaker. I rate it 3/5 which is still high but I really did like it D: and it was good pressed but the flavourless bread took away from it. SIGH.