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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Word Of The Day #1.


preposition | [KWAH]


: in the capacity or character of : as


"Coben's novels have made him rich, but that's not what's important to him. It's sales qua sales—his statistical record—that motivates Coben, rather than the money his sales bring in." — Eric Konigsberg, The Atlantic, July/August 2007

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Mr. Noodle. Kimchi Beef Soup Review.

I needed a cup soup but they didn't have the Nongshim brand, the Oolongmen beef was my favourite or the Campbell's homestyle beef. So I decided to try the Mr. Noodles Kimchi Beef soup. I used to eat a lot of Mr Noodle's as a kid and when I grew up, I just stopped eating and I hated it so much. Since I had no other choice in the store I went to, I decided to try it out. I was worried Mr. Noodle would butcher the flavour with their version of the oriental dish. To my surprise it was great! It wasn't as spicy as the Nongshim Kimchi but it was spicy enough for me :). I actually burnt my tongue and mouth on it, it still hurts and it's hours later haha. So for a cup noodle I rate it 3.5/5. and for the Mr. Noodle brand I rate it 4/5. I would get it again if I couldn't purchase my other favourites.

Monday, 27 June 2016

We Are Just As Important And Valid.

Plain Baked Cheesecake Review.

Sorry I don't have the proper name for this cheesecake or the bakery name but it is a baked cheesecake. It's so good, it's light and fluffy and tastes great. Its more cake than normal cheesecake, which is still amazing but this tastes less than just a crusted wedge of cheese lol. Being lactose intolerant this didn't hurt my stomach, normal cheesecake often I struggle to digest, its often too thick and creamy for me. I rate this though 4/5.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

House Of Pepper. Sweet & Sour Chicken Review.

The sweet and sour chicken actually had a few pieces of different chicken in it, the non-breaded kind I had before, I loved it! It was overall a great dish, even the rice was delicious. This is my first dish of theirs I really actually liked all round. I rate it 4/5.

I also paired it with a strawberry bubble tea with strawberry jelly, it was delicious like last time.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tim Hortons. Italiano Grilled Bagel Review.

I rate it 1.5/5. The sauce was great and I enjoyed the toppings but the bagel itself complete ruined it....sigh.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ask Yourself...

Look back at all the time, energy and love wasted on that one who didn't give a shit about you. Thinking about all that time and love you could've gave to someone else. Though you also look back and realize that all that bullshit you went through, got you somewhere, got you to where you are today. All you can do is ask yourself, are you happy with how things have turned out?

Friday, 17 June 2016

I Didn't Ship Them Till Now. Mcdanno. (By: Femmedplume)

The unrelenting sexual tension between this guy (Steve McGarett)

and this guy (Danny "Danno" Williams)

I mean. I don't ship them.....I DO NOT SHIP THEM.
but like...when they're nice to each other it's great but when they fight? SO REPRESSED. MUCH TENSION. JUST KISS ALREADY. WOW.

Not to mention all the flirtatious language/behaviour:

Danno to McGarrett: What are you wearing?

McGarett: to Danno: I'll think about you the whole time boo-boo (that's a conglomeration of two lines but YES he called danno boo-boo)

McGarett to Danno: *Removes shirt and or pants at any opportunity*

Danno to McGarrett: *Complains about naked partner, stares admiringly.*

McGarett to Danno: *does impressive, manly things like towing Danno back to shore in their dinghy...which requires him to take his shirt off*

Danno to McGarrett: *refuses to admit that manly and impressive McGarett is in fact manly and impressive* "Why do you have to be such a Navy Seal? What is it with Navy Seals? You're such a Navy Seal, Steven. Such a Navy Seal." *stares admiringly, as seen above*

McGarett to Danno: You look good when you clean up, babe. Nice suit/dress blues/ tux. Here, lemme fix your tie.

McGarett to Danno You're not wearing a tie! Just like I asked! *fond smile*


Danno AND McGarett multiple times: *interrupts each other's attempts to sleep with other people*

Danno AND McGarett multiple times: Our marriage. Let's talk about our marriage. This is my partner, Daniel/Steven. We are married.

Everyone Else: So how long have you two been married?/ Hey are you talking to your wife? (When McGarett is on the phone with Danno)

I am not kidding. This is LITERALLY them, At couple's counselling. Arguing about who get's to drive.

And Danny is just so smol and angry...

And McGarett is just so tol and competent and loves his smol angry blond boy.

Ship sails it's goddamn it's goddamn self.

Tim Hortons. BBQ Steak Wrap Review.

The steak was good, the tomato and lettuce though threw it off. The BBQ sauce was just a basic BBQ that I didn't care much for. The peppers and cheese were the only topping that worked for me. I wouldn't buy it again though. I rate it 2.5/5.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Turning Of My Gears.

You grind my gears but there was a time when you were a gear that helped me turn. You were a grear that helped me work and even if there were times you were a wrench jammed between the gears...I know part of you didn't mean to be.

Tim Hortons. Wild Berry Oatmeal Review.

I am a huge fan of Tim Hortons. Some though aren't as good as others though. I tried their wild berry oatmeal and it was awful. It was so dry tasting and the flavour wasn't good. I didn't care for the berries on top either. I think I will stick to my usual favourites. I rate it 1.5/5.

Dairy Queen. Strawberry Banana Split Review.

I'm lactose intolerant but I feel dairy queen is worth it. I also go for a strawberry banana split as I don't like the pineapple or the chocolate. Its worth alllll the pain, its so delicious! I rate it 5/5.

Opa! Souvlaki Of Greece. Chicken Cesar Pita Wrap Review.

I no longer live in Kitchener but I do love OPA so much! I always go for the Chicken Cesar pita wrap. There's not a single one near my new location but I go back go OPA whenever I reach my hometown. I rate it 4.5/5.

Angel's Diner. Chicken Quesadilla & Onion Rings Review.

My family and I had been going to angels diner for many holidays throughout my life. I went for my birthday and got the chicken quesadilla (3/5) and onion rings (3/5). The food though wasn't too bad, I would still go again and that's because Its a childhood memory for me.

Second Cup. Black Forest Ham Sandwich Review.

I got a black forest ham sandwich to go. It was 6 bucks, I was awfully sad cause its a little pricey, I would've wanted more sandwich haha. It was good though, I enjoyed it. I rate 4/5.

Crepe Delicious. Strawberry Crepe With Ice Cream Review.

I love crepes soo much! I always go for the strawberry crepe, I cant have ice cream or whipped cream so I don't do that usually, but this time I buckled down and said an early sorry to my stomach. I need more crepes in my life! Fantastic! I rate it 5/5.

Dunn's Famous. Garlic Bread, Strawberry Daiquiri & Soup Review.

I was visiting Montreal. It was my first time having a legal alcoholic drink. I got a strawberry daiquiri (5/5). I ordered soup (3/5) and garlic bread (5/5). I didn't eat much but what I did eat was really good, I loved the garlic bread sooo much! The drink was good and I didn't mind the soup, I liked it but it was different.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pino's Pizza. Pizza Review.

My friend lives not far from here and always ordered pizza from Pino's. I had it for the first time and it was GOOD! I loved it! We ordered all cheese which is fine with me cause it was still amazing. So beast! I rate it 5/5.

Ice Cream 2. Ice Cream Review.

Their ice cream is amazing! I love how cute this little place is, its inexpensive and its a great place to bring my friends and family! I want to go again soon, I heard they have funnel cakes! I rate it 5/5.

Montana's. Pulled Pork Sandwich Review.

I went for a birthday and I got a pulled pork sandwich and fries, it was pretty good, I enjoy pulled pork. I always like their service and the restaurant takes me back to my childhood. What a great place.

Checkerboard. Chicken Tenders, Pancakes, Mozzarella Sticks & Tuna Salad Sandwich Review.

I love checkerboard, its a cute little gem. I have been going to for years. I usually get their tuna salad sandwich (4/5), chicken fingers (3.5/5), mozzarella sticks 3.5/5) and pancakes (4/5). All of these items are sooo good.

Cinnabon. Bons & Sticks Review.

I love cinnabon so much, Its become an addiction to me. I cant not to go cinnabon. I love their food, so much.  Their bons (4.5/5) and sticks (4/5) are so good and their icy is amazing. I could eat the icing with a fork hahaha.

Cora's. Waffle & Crepe Review.

Cora's is my favourite place for breakfast. I always go for the waffles, its my favourite item on the menu. I went with my mom, as I usually do. I got the waffles (3.5/5) of course and she got the crepe.

Swiss Chalet. Chicken Pesto Penne Review.

I went for a housewarming party dinner. I got the Chicken Pesto Penne. It was so good! I even love their little bread. The service was great and the servers were such polite women. I would definitely go again.

Downtown Crepe Cafe. Berry Crepe Review.

I went with my mom, first and only time I went as I no longer live in Kitchener. I got a crepe with different berries in it. I wasn't aware they had a strawberry one till now and I'm sad. I want to go back soon and get it. I enjoyed the crepe a lot and the presentation was so nice. I rate it 4/5.

Teriyaki Experience. Chicken Stir Fry Review.

I went with a coworker on our last day before being laid off. I got the chicken stir fry. I'm a sucker for stir fry. It was delicious.  I love the serving sizes and the prices are pretty good. I would likely go again.I rate it 4/5.

Starbucks. Chocolate Chip Cookie & Banana Bread Review.

I needed to make change for the bus so I bought a cookie and banana bread. It was overpriced and I would call them baked "goods" more like baked mediocre. I rate the cookie 2.5/5 and the banana bread a 2.5/5. Id only go again if someone offered to pay...that's it.

Five Guys Burgers And Fries Review.

I went to five guys and got a burger, fries and a drink. It was awfully expensive though. I love their fries (4/5) and they always give so much. The burger was really good too (4/5), kinda worth the price. I want to go again, I also want to try their hotdogs.