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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Slim Jim Review.

I lost the photo of the slim jim sorry and the ones on google didnt look like the one I had.

My american friends rave about slim jim so I thought I'd try one for review. Honestly this tasted like over seasoned meatballs and not in a good way either, I also didn't like the texture and I wouldn't get them again. I rate it 1.5/5.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Whoppers Chocolate Review.

I have had the strawberry milkshake whoppers and I like those so I thought I would try the original ones.

I like the flavour but the texture of the milk malt balls hurts my teeth, it makes my teeth want to get up and run away lol. As I mentioned I have though had the strawberry milkshake ones which I prefer but overall hate the texture of, I would eat them again cause I'm weird and like to torture my teeth haha and I rate these 3/5.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Leclerc. Go Pure. Coconut and Pineapple Fruit and Oat Bar Review.

I saw these bars in the grocery store and I'm a fan of fruity snacks bars, I picked up three flavours for review. 

This flavour is coconut and pineapple, to be honest I don't love the texture it's too soft but weirdly soft but the flavour is pretty good, it's very tropical smelling too. I don't think I would get them again I rate it 2.5/5, I wanted to say 3 but I couldn't.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Veet. Natural Inspirations. Hair Removal Cream Review.

Note: if you have a problem with female underarm hair you will hate this review.

I have purchased this hair removal cream because shaving is a nightmare, so I wanted to try this out for review. I have once before tried Nair but its smells so bad you could throw up, so grabbing this one I prayed it smelled better.

This is my underarm before using the product:

I followed the direction to apply a thick coating of cream on the area:

The bottle says to wait 5 minutes then try to remove a small portion of hair, if it doesn't easily come off wait another 5 minutes. I personally needed the full 10 minutes.

This is the look of the removal:

This is my underarm after removal was complete:

Over 95% of hair has been removed, I wasn''t thrilled as there was still hair but it was mostly gone so I was happy about that.

I then did the second arm, repeating the application and 10 minute waiting time process.

This is the second underarm result:

Less hair had been removed than the first one and I was a bit more displeased.

One thing to mention is the product smells good in the bottle but after using and removing it, it stinks not as bad as the Nair but still stinks.

An hour or two after removal, my first underarm has already grown back a tiny bit of hair and the second underarm has grown back a bit more, they are certainly uneven but still the majority of hair is gone from both.

I felt this process was a bit of a headache almost nightmare, I wonder if I need to try again or do it multiple times to see better results. I overall don't recommend this product unless you have very short hair but the smell kills it for me and how quick it starts growing back, I rate it 2.5/5 but I do plan to continue using it as I don't want to toss 12 bucks.

Note: I don't know if it's related but I may have developed more skin tags after using the product...uh oh.

Update it's been almost two weeks since using the product and my hair has barely grown since my initial hair growth, I find that impressive. I think I will be changing my review to 3/5 as that is very impressive.

Update it's been three weeks since using the product and my hair is slowly growing again, Im so shocked and pleased it with how infrequently I needed this.

UPDATE: I am at the end of the tube, I dont use it often but it had gotten really bad, my body HATES this cream. I get skin tags or bumps and one of my arms this last time has mildly what appears to be bruised. They state if the hair doesnt come off on first swipe or you have a lot of hair to leave it for full 10 minutes instead of just 5, it doesnt work for me either way, something is wrong. I leave it 5 minutes and the hair wont come off, I leave it for 10 the hair comes off but my skin HATES it..... my rating has changed to 1/5.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

OPI. Nail Envy Review.

Note: I am very late uploading this review, about 4ish months late.

I started using the nail product Oct 14th and here is a breakdown of how the experience went.

This is the bottle out of the box:

This is the application chart:

These are my nails after applying the product the first time:

They look like my regular nails just shiny.

Here I write out my experience with the product as I went through each week's schedule:

It made my nails looks bad and a weird yellow tint but some days it looked nicer than other days.

It’s easy to get hairs or things on the brush and then onto your nails. It’s also easy to make cracks or lines in the product, its not usually fixable as it dries very quick.

I hate that applying too many coats gives bubbles to your nails it’s hard to see but when you see them it’s gross. Here are photos of the bubbled nails:

I only chipped and had to cut down a single thumb nail twice or so, otherwise not a single broken nail.

It doesn’t remove properly at the end of each week, it’s never 100% removed and it’s bothersome. For a while at the beginning it was bubbled up quite a bit and could be easily peeled off but as time went on you couldn’t do that.

The more I use my nails the more the product seems to come off and my nails are beginning to chip again, especially the thumbs. 

November 17th one of my nails broke. I’m not surprised but also surprised they lasted this long at all. Make that two nails. So sad. 

December 13th some of my nails are breaking, so sad. 

December 17th all but two nails on each hand are broken and I had to cut them all down again. 

December 31st the product is still liquid half way through the bottle but little strands of product come off the brush. 

The nails aren’t really as yellow anymore but they bubble so much especially my thumbs. It looks awful. 

January 8th I still got a fair bit of product left and I’m going strong, I mean I still get strands which sucks and it still bubbles but I’m sticking with it. My left hand each nail is bubbled so much the right hand seems to have none I’m not sure why, I just wish neither bubbled but maybe the bubbling makes it easier to remove. 

I find the product is less liquid than when I started. I close the bottle right but it seems to be drying. 

Jan 18th I cant make use of the rest of the bottle, there isn’t much left but it’s gotten less liquid and more sticky and it’s impossible to apply so I’m wrapping it up here, I got a good few months out of the bottle and I’m glad it’s over.

After removal my nails look good but feel weird, I’m hoping this changes they feel not rough like sand paper but feel weird.

Overall it does what it says but what cost? It makes my nails look horrible and the removal each week is difficult. I got tired of the downhill with the product and I’m happy to be at the end of the review, I rate it 2.5/5.

Update: 5 days following removal I haven’t yet broken a nail, knock on wood. It seems the product has left my nails strong, I’m not sure how long it’ll last but I hope it works out well.

My final update: its Feb 4th and all my nails are back to breaking.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Farm Fresh. White Cheddar Popcorn Review.

I'm a fan of popcorn and the white cheddar kind so I thought I'd try out this brand. I know the bag says white cheddar but this cheddar tastes different and odd. I honestly don't like this popcorn much and I don't think I'd get it again, I rate it 2/5.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

No Name. Hazelnut Wafers Review.

I honestly disliked these wafers and I've never disliked a wafer before, it tasted almost stale, real cheap and fake not like a good hazelnut flavour. I would never get them again, I rate them 0/5.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Muddy Bunnies Review.

I have had the muddy bears (search them on my blog) but these are bunnies for Easter and they taste pretty good but have a liqueur like flavour to them, the exact same as the bears. I overall enjoy them and I would get them again 3.5/5.