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Sunday, 3 September 2023

Stacked. Strawberry Waffle and Strawberry Banana Smoothie Review.


I reviewed this restaurant once before (search it on my blog) and today I tried the strawberry waffle and a strawberry banana smoothie. I asked if the smoothie contained milk (though dairy would've been the better question, as some smoothies contain yogurt which I didn't want either) and I was told no it's: strawberry puree, bananas and orange juice. 

This waffle is not maple infused like the first waffle I've had here. There's not a a lot to say but this was a light and lovely waffle, with fresh toppings with a good portion. I plan to get it again soon and I rate it 4/5. I wanted to note I got a plate of bacon on the side, not just the two pieces in the photo.

The smoothie was so yummy, thick and creamy, it was great and I didn't taste much of the orange juice which is good, as a lot of smoothies are heavy on the juice. I would get it again if it was smaller, it was a lot to chug back and gave me really bad brain freeze but I rate it 4/5.

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